Adi Hütter: What MUST fit with Gladbach in Munich

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With courage and confidence, Hunter goes to FC Bayern. Despite the Hercules task waiting for the Russians on Friday, the VFL coach does not see his team chance. Munich is the hardest away game. We drive there as an outsider there, but we will try to use our chance. Also, FC Bayern, as well as he is, makes ways too, said Hunter on Monday. For his eleven, it is especially important to two factors to be able to insist on the record champion, the 51-year-old explained. We have to defend well and bring our runner quality to the place. Then we also have the opportunity to take something.

Stability in the rear area and mileage — both points were often discussed around the Russia in the course of the first round. Above all, the topic of runner performance, which also includes the aspects of sprints and intensive runs, was clearly addressed in the winter break, revealed Hunter. Because we are rather located in many areas in the back third, and that just does not work. And also the high number of counterparts is a mandrel in mind. Hunter: We did not really defend well in the last games and do not behave tactically well. That’s what it’s about to improve.

Question mark behind one quartet

When training on Monday, Marcus Thu ram came back to the train after curious cold, as well as Jordan Beyer showed himself after surviving muscle injury in the thigh and Corona infection on the square. Jonas Hoffmann graduated after the intervention at the knee a running unit, but will not play a role for Munich. It is still open like Denis Bavaria, Joe Sally, Matador Discourse and Keenan Bennett’s after their positive corona tests. At the moment you are in quarantine. Maybe one or the other will come back soon. But that can not be exactly because it is also associated with the health department. As long as the CT value does not fit, there is no way for you to leave the quarantine, said Hunter.

But still a transfer for Winter and Bavaria?

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That it could come in the course of January to change in the squad, no secret is. After reinforcements, a look is held and the tenaciousness is checked. On the other hand, departures are very possible above all. It is that in the transfer period always players who are not very happy with their expense minutes. With one or the other we have to look what we do. We will see what happened this month, explained Hunter.

With Bavaria and Matthias Winter, who leave the club at the latest in summer, first planned until the end of the season. In a lucrative offer, however, movement can also come to the personal details.