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The super-series year 2022 is at the door. While Disney with numerous new stories from the universes of Marvel and Star Wars launches a veritable series offensive, gigantic productions also expect from the opaque Amazon and Netflix competitors, including the most expensive series of all time. In addition, US station HBO expands its program again around one or the other prestige series. This year high in the course: Fantasy, science fiction and video game adaptations. We give you an overview of a few of the most exciting projects that are currently in the streaming services in the pipeline and are expected to appear 2022.

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House of the Dragon

The Game of Thrones preach House of the Dragon is the only one of the spin-offs planned to the fantasy serial hit, which actually reached the production phase. With Paddy Confiding, Matt Smith, Olivia Cooke and Rays Fans, the main roles are high-caliber occupied and the frame shop around the fat years of Targaryen dynasty offers enough room for intrigues, sex, murder and slaughter. So everything that the HBO audience expected from the prestige series of the transmitter now. Dragons, on which we had to wait several seasons at Game of Thrones at least in the full-blown stage, will probably also give it plenty to see. The best series 2022: Series on Netflix, Prime, Disney + and Co. (9) Source: HBO

After the controversial end of the main series, it is due to House of Dragon to bring interest in Westeros again and forgetting fans to forget the narrative derailments in the later seasons. Due to the prequel character at least some developments seem to be predetermined, which promises some security. However, the spin-off must of course justify his own existence. So far, Prequels came outside some exceptions such as Better Call Saul or The Mandalorian rather little independently or essential. At least fans of cool title melodies should definitely come up with their expense: composer Rain Hawaii, from which the iconic sounds of the Got intros is again responsible for the musical accompaniment in House of the Dragon. A catchy worm is therefore guaranteed almost.

Obi Wan Ken obi

Disney + expands its portfolio 2022 again around many hours of material from the popular franchise universes of Marvel and Star Wars. At the Jedi Knight’s front, Obi Wan Ken obi awaits us a brand-new series over the Jedi masters played by Evan McGregor. The allegedly plays nine years before his appearance in War of Stars, where the figure was embodied by Alec Guinness. With Hayden Christensen, Bonnie Please and Joel Edger on, in Obi Wan Ken obi then return further actors from the prequels’ era into their roles as Darth Vader, Aunt Peru and Owen Lars. About the plot is not much known, except that Ken obi is forced to hide the henchmen of the empire after the events of The Revenge of the Sith. As a director, Deborah Chow, who has already staged episodes of the series The Mandalorian. The best series 2022: Series on Netflix, Prime, Disney + and Co. (8) Source: Lucasfilm

The Mandalorian Season 3

This should also be continued 2022. After the end of 2021 with The Book of Boba Fett a different bounty hunter in Mandalorian armor is in focus, the adventures of Din Darin (Pedro Pascal) are already in season 3 — and that, according to producer Jon Favre even pretty soon. After the season finals of the 2nd Season, the audience probably has to do without crowd pleasure Grog Alias ​​Baby Yoda for the time being, since this is now in the care of the Jedi. The Cara Dune played in the first two seasons of Gina Cyrano will no longer appear in the series, as the actress of Disney was released because of their statements on social media. Other old acquaintances such as Giancarlo Esposito Off Gideon and Carl Weather as Green Karma are confirmed. Another spin-off, which will turn around the Jedi Asoka Tank (Rosario Dawson), also expects us. Whether this will be the case in 2022, but is not fixed yet.

Star Wars: Ardor

Star Wars: Ardor then brings back a really fallen hero for an honorary round. Caspian Ardor is played by Diego Luna and was one of the rebels in Rogue One, which made the plans for the death star. In his own series, we will probably learn more about his past as a secret agent. Fitting that with the return of Rogue One rotary book author Tony Gilroy a man as a showrunner is responsible, which seems to be very important to this profession. Gilroy also wrote the scripts to the three original Jason Bourne films and the continuation The Bourne Legacy with Jeremy Runner as well as several political and agent artillery. In addition to Luna, Forrest Whitaker and Ben Mendel son return to their roles and even Genevieve O’Reilly will once again be seen as a rebel manager Mon Mothma, which they already embodied in Rogue One and The Revenge of the Sith. The first season should comprise 12 episodes.

Moon Knight

On the other side of the Disney cosmos, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which was first expanded 2021 with series to the figures known from the films. To WandaVision, Hawkeye, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, What if…? And Loki join Disney + 2022 many more superhero series, which should move fans to a subscription to the platform.

At least there was a teaser trailer for Moon Knight, in which Oscar Isaac will be seen as a psychically confused crime racker Marc Specter. Although Moon Knight belongs to the somewhat abstainer figures from the comics, the character has a large fan base and stands out alone by its split personality from other superheroes in the MCU. Also, because the comics are often quite brutal stories, one must be curious how close the Disney + version of the figure is oriented to it.


She-Hulk Aka Jennifer Walters is the cousin of Bruce Banner, lawyer and soon center of a DISNEY + series of the same name. Your profession will form the backbone of the series in the 10 episodes. Walters Falls are all dealing with the legal boundaries of various super forces and illuminate the tricky situations where heroes did not always actually compliant. Your cousin Bruce will also help you with your own career as a superhero in your arms. After all, the Green Outreach mutated to Smart Hulk has already seen some experiences as far as crime fighting and sudden inappropriate transgressions. How exactly Walter’s forces comment in the series is not yet known that they will become greater and green at one point, but is actually except question. The role is played in their human form of Tatiana Malay.

Disney+ 2021-2023 Series & Movies Announced | Disney News | Dec 12, 2020
Ms. Marvel

Apart from Spider-Man, most of the figures in the MCU are already old enough to drink liquor, with Kamala Khan but now another teenager to the squad of the wannabe Avengers. The superhero, known as Ms. Marvel, is only 16 years old, artistic, and a giant fan of Captain Marvel. Their series will deal with typical young people problems and questions about identity, family and belonging. The young lady is played by the Newcomer Man Villain. Ms. Marvel is to occur according to your series in 2023 planned cinema film The Marvels. The Best Series 2022: Series on Netflix, Prime, Disney + and Co. (7) Source: Marvel Entertainment

Secret invasion

All these new superheroes seem to be busy with their own stuff or not to know that the Skulls still be with us in the middle. Although introduced in Captain Marvel villains seemed actually quite nice, at least some of them but in Secret Invasion apparently actually a danger to humanity. Nick Fury, who is known to have a good rapport with the aliens and their leader Talks will have to deal with this threat. In addition to Marvel’s constant Samuel L. Jackson and Talks actor Ben Mendelsohn and Emilia Clarke, Olivia Colman and Carmen Logo will play in the series.


Another Marvel series, but currently few details have been communicated to the public by, is Echo. At least true Marvel fans of this name should be known since the appearance of the character in Hawkeye. There, she gives chase to the title character and her protégé Kate Bishop. With the spin-off it might actually go off already 2,022nd Whether it is an Origin Story or simply be just a stand-alone adventure, is not known. At least in the comics echo but has a family relationship with Kingpin from the Daredevil universe, is indeed rumored from that it will soon be officially included in the MCU and thus added to the canon. More for 2022 planned Marvel spin on Disney + are a Christmas special with the Guardians of the Galaxy, a Groot spin-off and a second season of What If… and more connected to the MCU animated series, including a Spider- Man prequel and Iron Heart.

Lord of the Rings

The most expensive production ever appears also in 2022: Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings. Although named after the trilogy, but not treated their events. Instead, it is a prequel to the adventures of Frodo, Aragon and Co., the thousands of years ago, playing in the second age of Middle-earth. 450 million US dollars already devoured the first season of the series. The project is initially designed for five seasons.

Although the filming ended on the first season back in August 2021, there is so far still no trailer for the series. However, that could change very soon. The launch is scheduled in September and the preparations for Season 2 will start in the UK in early New Year. So that production leaves the Lord of the Rings home country New Zealand. Working behind the scenes with Patrick McKay and J.D. Payne two lesser-known authors as showrunner. The two are supported by a team of producers, which, among other things Jennifer Hutchinson of Better Call Saul and Jurassic World 2 director J.A. Baloney belong. The latter will also take place in the director’s chair. The best series 2022: Shows on Netflix, Prime, Disney + and Co. (6) Source: Warner Bros.

Even with the actors Amazon relies on unused faces. A starring role plays for example, Robert Ara mayo, who appeared as young EDD Stark in the sixth season Game of Thrones. The role of Galleries is played by the Welsh Morphed Clark, who starred in the title role of the acclaimed horror film Saint Maude and the first season of HBO’s His Dark Materials.

Better Call Saul Season 6

A little late, we must say goodbye to a real highlight series 2022 possibly: Better Call Saul goes with the sixth season in the final round. The story of the morally flexible lawyer Jimmy McGill and its transformation into a serene criminals Saul Goodman is far more than just a spin-off or prequel to the hit series Breaking Bad but is a character study entirely on its own. In addition, some in black and white playing scenes after the events surrounding Heisenberg and Jesse Linkman shown. therefore, many fans await a definitive conclusion for Jimmy and Co., and not only a reconciliation to his first appearance in Breaking Bad.

Until we get to see this, but we must still be patient despite an expected start in which he first half. Season 6 will be shown in two parts, similar to the last season of Breaking Bad. But the new season with 13 episodes but also contains three more than we’re used to from the series. Before the curtain finally falls, we can spend so at least some time in Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan Albuquerque universe. The first episodes are expected in the first quarter 2,022nd

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