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Level One is a show of the Game One TV channel program from 1998 to 2007, however every Wednesday at 5:30 pm live considering that September 25, 2019.

Says Legacy

Destiny bit // ravens court, maple whispering limited
PC, Switch

The inclusion of randomness in the colonies creation games suppose, for me, a huge incentive that allows me to put on the mind of a strategist instead of playing as an almighty God that is simply responsible for redistributing properly resources. However, I am also aware that at the face of luck with plans created in a meticulous way the true chance can be perceived as unfair on the part of the player and can add a huge layer of difficulty to the feat, which increases from Exponential form with the depth of the game. That is why they seem so ingenious, the solutions that he tries says Legacy. Precisely because of that, it seems so solid, the structure that tries to raise.

In says Legacy we have to explore and conquer a strange continent in the form of a ring. We do it in the role of several monarchs — with different game styles — that they will have to organize a population formed by dice with a given durability that will be able to execute actions according to the face in which they land. Thus, we started each game by collecting resources, building basic buildings and multiplying and improving our dice little by little with the aim of creating a strong settlement for the harsh winters and the inclusion of different enemies. Says Legacy gives special importance to the architecture of our cities through the possibility of applying certain territorial policies that directly affect the happiness of population groups (dice can represent farmers, citizens, soldiers…) and performance. Therefore, to play this destiny bit proposal we have to have clear grassroots the amount of resources we need, how to use them and the way we want to build on limited terrain. The rest is a matter of luck.

When playing with runs between 4 and 8 dice and have a certain margin to relaunch several times those that are not useful, the title resolved at all times dynamic and easy to understand. The times to execute each of the actions, and cure or revitalize our dice are fast enough to not get to frustrate, while the seasons are different enough to prevent us from falling into the monotony. The learning curve in says Legacy is worked and start playing is as simple as dragging our dice to the indicated boxes and observing how the world reacts to the different processes. However, the greatest default of the title is that it lengthens the badly posed items, making us take several hours to detect errors that weaken in the first minutes. For this, learning to play well can become a slow and expensive process that is not always well rewarded. It is what chance has. What happens when fun has to leave room for lucky whims.

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Golf Club Wasteland.

Demagogy Studio // Untold Tales

Android, iOS, PC, Switch, PlayStation, Xbox

Not long ago, Jeff Bezos spoke about his idea of ​​an extraterrestrial future, in which humanity does not think about Earth as his home but as a more tourist destination. Over the centuries, many people will be born in space, said Bezos. It will be your birthplace. They will be born in colonies and will live in colonies. Then, they will visit the earth in the same way that you would visit, say, the Yellowstone National Park. Months before these statements occurred, Golf Club Wasteland became a video game that future, hopeful or dark depending on where you look at it.

In Golf Club Wasteland we are a lone golfer who visits the ruins of what one day was the land to practice his favorite sport. What one day was a home for humanity today is little more than a decadent golf course in which the rich kill boredom while listening to the radio. Among the remains with which humanity (more specifically, the rich part of humanity) marked the planet before doing it uninhabitable and having to leave to live somewhere else, go hours while listening to the stories that are counted on Radio Nostalgia, an Issuer dedicated to recalling what life was on Earth in the 20th century 1920s.

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It is a simple proposal but with great potential, executed in a way that does not always get to hit with the balance between the golf play part and the intriguing narration of the end of our days and society that made it possible for that tenebrous point of no return. It is chilling to think that it is the same society in which we live right now, of course, and it is this contrast between the image that returns the mirror that puts us in front of Golf Club Wasteland (deform and grotesque, and for it funny and repulsive) and the GAMEPLAY Lightweight and carefree the great success of the game. As is usually in these cases, it never goes from all the feeling that what they tell you and what you are doing, although they have a very direct relationship (after all, you are golfing in the ruins of the world from which it is Speaks on Radio Nostalgia), they are not on equal terms, and always pulls one of the car more than the other; Sometimes, paying attention to the locution makes you not look as much as you would like in the design of the holes, that when they are well-designed (and there are a few of those) they encourage you not to hear what the radio says, a relationship that In part I understand that it is sought but that at the time of truth does not always work just as well. All in all, it is one of those games that are left in memory; Like little, so of Golf Club Wasteland has the world that surrounds us, which is more than we would surely like, or it would be.



UNEDIC Fran // versus evil
PC, Switch, PlayStation, Xbox

Most of the most beloved and remembered video games in history are marked by their sense of humor, and although they are usually the most serious and serious those who stay, in many cases, with prestige and mentions when it takes to talk about the Large contributions from the interactive digital to the culture of your time. This is not just like that in the video game, of course; The cinema suffers from a similar tare, and of course also literature, despite the fact that the most important novel in history is fundamentally comical. It may also be that there are many games with jokes, but few really humorous; Many games use the thorn to enter a comfortable ironic distance but ultimately undergoes, but few commit themselves with humor in a significant or interesting way.

Gunmetal, from Francisco Téllez de Meneses (or UNEDIC Fran, as he says on the Steam page of the game, in reference to the held debut of him, UNEDIC), it is just the kind of game that lives for the joke. It is a game of laughing; Genre: Laughter. And go if there are laughter. In the form of Parody of Metal Gear of MIX, Gunmetal puts us on Jesse Fox’s skin, arrested on a secret military base for a crime he did not commit; The getaway, or rather the account of the getaway, is what you play. Strict belonging to the supposedly smaller gender of comedy may not help, but the truth is that Gunmetal is full of intelligence flashes that make you play it is formidable: beyond the basic gameplay, which combines the typical stealth of the first Metal Gear with Winks to the graphic adventure, the way the story is developed through the narration of Jesse Fox gives rise to sincerely deforestable moments, thanks to a little or nothing reliable narrative and that plays to dismiss and the misunderstanding Free and free, as good jokes have to do.

Is a game that measures the distances well, in general, another virtue of the good joke: the recurrent jokes are when they have to be, alterations in the gameplay last what they have to last, the puzzles are complex enough to keep you awake Brain but neither Arabian nor remove protagonism to the rest of the pieces. Some jokes are very unsophisticated, even for a parody (I say it in the best sense) in the style of terrines as you can, and maybe that the only note I can make a game that, otherwise, shows that it is possible to integrate Deep humor in the game design without limiting or subtracting interest.