The World Ends With You will only have more sequels if they have the support of the public

Is Earthbound Coming Back? We Have A Theory…

Last November, Square Enix revealed that Neo: The World Ends With You, the sequel to The World Ends With You (2007), had sold below the expected. Now, in an interview with Nintendo Life, the producer of the game, Tomohiko Piano, explains that nothing has not been decided on the future of the saga, and that so that there is a new delivery will take the support of the fans. Being Franco, there’s nothing determined about a new delivery, however, as it is a game based on a real city, there are always many areas of this that we have not yet been able to bring to life, so a part of me He wants to reach that, somehow. If the players show us his passion towards the game, the company could let us make a sequel. In this link you can read our Neo Analysis: The World Ends With You, which we gave a seal recommended.