Ranking 2021 video games that felt the best

If humor in the games is a die game and that the difficulty is difficult to quantify, then feel is indeed a slippery snake. What is that? Well, as they say, you know it when you know it. As when, for some reason, a game is played well or strikes you in the sensations. Or maybe he moves away from the box and the nail. It just clicks. Fires on all cylinders, choose your metaphor.

It is also easy enough to say when a game does not feel good too. There is something wobbly in orders or movement. Maybe it’s pace. There is a gap between what developers obviously wanted and the final result. What is clear is that the sensation is not a secret ingredient that belongs only to triple A. Feel homes is a bit like a harmonic of guitar. It comes out because everything else is right and fair.

So here is a group of 8 games that the sages of Cog connected have agreed to feel good.

UNLIGHTED was a 2D Action MetroidVania RPG with a retro sensation, an artistic style and the general atmosphere of a classic but with several twists. The biggest problem was the way the game managed the time and the need to accomplish certain tasks within a time (which could be disabled). Apart from this, the exploration, combat, motion and progression mechanisms of Zelda characters have been added to an addictive game. And if it did not go well, it would not have been the case.

There are many ways to play in Hitman 3 — the third (DUH) of the Io Interactive Io Stealth Games — felt good. The mechanics of moving in environments and finding shortcuts, sneaking and eliminating invisible enemies was fun as always. What was also nice, it was the satisfaction of solving the puzzles of the assassination in the wildest or furthest way possible.

Partly Roguelike, partly puzzle game and all in action FPS, Death loop is an excellent example of game with defects from the start. The enemy of low level was not great, and Soulslike’s invasion mechanism was somehow broken. But what he nailed is the sensation. The fight, exploration, history and riddling resolution all worked for a lot of criticism and players. Death loop is proof that a game does not need to be perfect for a good feel.

What to play Return is nice or that it is a frustration exercise is in the hands of the player. Bullet He’ll game fans or Souls borne games vibrated with the return fight, but the players who were looking for linear progress could have been confused. Yet almost everyone agreed that the shooting game and fast exploration of the game were rather impressive.

What are the other pleasant games to play? Check them after pause!