VBL Ingolstadt and Hannover winter as a league leader

Thanks to the prominent new additions the return of FC Ingolstadt in the Virtual League (NBL) Club Championship by investor remains a triumph. After the team had taken over the top spot in the South-East two weeks ago, it defended this on the sixth double match day 14 of the possible 18 points.

Match-winner at 9: 0 against 1. PSV Mainz 05 and 5: 2 against TSG Cofferdam was ‘Kingfisher’: Philip Schemer celebrated respectively on the Xbox a success — against Cofferdam’s Jan-Luca ‘Bassinet’ bass even with 8: 1 — and also took four points in a double with Time ‘Timor’ Said.

18 points! Leipzig is back furiously

However, RB Leipzig sits the Ingolstadt based in the neck, according to the latest crisis, the Saxons were back with a bang on Wednesday. Both Fürth and SV Tannhauser were with 9: 0 cleared so that RB is one point behind at number one at the break. Outstanding in the form of veteran Richard ‘BLZ GAUCHO’ Homes, the ten goals was scored in both of his singles and showed great mood in the face of eight hits and doubles with ‘BLZ UMT’.

resurrection the Master: 14 meters for Dagenham

A conciliatory end has taken the year for 1. FC Dagenham 1846, after wavering course of recent weeks, the defending champion showed good recovery and gained 14 more points. Denied ‘Denii10’ Music and Burka ‘burka may’ May unbeaten, won first with 5: 2 against Cofferdam and then with 9: 0 against the SV Darmstadt 98, thus Dagenham drawn past the Hesse in the table and is now sixth.

Fürth lost in the derby

In contrast, the complete dismantling experienced the Sprig Reuther Fürth, not only against Leipzig with 0: 9 went to the dogs, but after too — especially annoying for Fürth — in the derby against 1. FC Nuremberg. Thus, the Spielvereinigung had local rivals in the table can happen: Fürth is in fifth place, the FAN is third in the Christmas break, which, incidentally, ends on 11 Jan. 12, 2022, respectively.

Twice 4: 4: Bertha the air is out

With the coup against Leipzig Bertha BSC had made at the beginning of the month for headlines, the 7: 1 victory does not seem to get the team from the capital, however. After it had already gone on the last match day downhill, the people of Berlin to the end of the year now had against Tannhauser and Eintracht Frankfurt respectively with a 4: content. 4 After all: In double the Bertha presented strong, Tom ‘Biss0 23’ Bismark and Even ‘ErenPyrz030’ Program won in both games. Problems were of course primarily to observe in reverse in the individual lots.

‘H96 Jannie’ shoots 96 to two Siegen

What’s Ingolstadt in the southeast, Hanover 96 in the north-west division. Since the beginning of the season Lower Saxony play again furiously on, on Tuesday defended with 14 points the standings and secured the autumn championship. Match-winner at the 7: 1 success against Holstein Kiel and Russia Mönchengladbach was Jannie ‘H96 Jannie’ Berg, who each won the individual on the Xbox and doubles with Riyadh ‘H96 Road’ Failing. Speaking of ‘H96 Road’: Failing with 13 wins still the most successful player of the season, across divisions is only successful ‘BLZ UMT’ (14).

Only in double Bremen are points from

Even another point more collected on Tuesday of the SV Welder Bremen, which has pushed themselves up to two counters on Hanover. 0 Submit had against FC St. Pauli Welder only a double against VFL Bochum points: the perfect ninth The VFL Recruits Benedict ‘BeneCR7x’ Farmer and Justin ‘xGodly10’ Camp Meier angered Ali ‘Predator FIFA’ Soul wheel and Michael ‘megabits’ Bittner. The individual, however, were firmly in hand Bremen: The ex-Bochum ‘Predator FIFA’ beat his former teammate Alexander ‘VfLXander1848’ Steinmetz with 2: 1, ‘megabits’ won with 2: 0 against ‘xGodly10’.

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defeat against Schalke: HSV loses connection

Behind the front gapes in northwestern already a gap, twelve point lead has Welder on the Great Northern rivals Hamburger SV. The team of the Elbe was surprising 3: 6 against the FC Schalke 04, only Steffen ‘Union’ pounds succeeded in the Xbox. The subsequent portion of the HSV against Cologne had as well as the virtual Than Derby illness FC against Bayer 04 Leverkusen are moved, the meetings will be rescheduled on 10 January.

Paderborn missed clearance in the basement

Not completely recovered from the personnel uphill, the SC Paderborn 07. After the disposals among others of ‘XGODLY10’, the Ostwestfalen continues to be in the table cellar, since in the duel with tail light Kiel (3: 3) did not succeed in the victory win. The spectacle was the 5: 5 in a double between Janis ‘Listens’ Putz as well as Yannick ‘Lifestyler’ Butcher and Chat ‘chat 6161’ Workman and Marvin ‘Carp Live’ Schmidt Tycho. Previously, Paderborn had brought a 4: 4 against the VFL Wolfsburg, at which ‘Listens’ celebrated a 7-0 triumph on the PlayStation 5 against Bastian ‘Pipe Crew’ Rush.

Hans continues strong debut season

Meanwhile, a successful debut season places the FC Hans Rostock, which has only a point behind the playoff places for the winter break. The yield of the team could once again be seen: at 5: 2 against Bochum Henning ‘FCC Henning’ Wilbur with his single victory to the match winner, at 5: 2 against Schalke Felix ‘Zizou7zidane’ Limbaugh.