Double Fine Productions Tim Schafers Studio is currently working on several projects

Psychopath 2 is a system game developed by Double Fine and also published by Xbox Game Studios. The video game was introduced at The Game Awards 2015 event, as well as launched on August 25, 2021, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One as well as Xbox Collection X/S, with launches for macOS as well as Linux prepared for a future, unannounced day.

Double Fine Productions Joins Xbox Game Studios - Announce E3 2019
Like the initial game, the gamer controls Ran, a young acrobat that is training to end up being a Psychopath, a participant of a worldwide task pressure that utilizes their psychic capacities to quit those that execute rotten acts with their very own psychic forces. Within Psychopath 2, which adheres to directly from occasions of the interstitial digital fact game, Psychopath in the Rhombus of Damage, the Psychopath attempt to discover that was actually behind the kidnapping of their leader, unveiling a deep secret bordering the company’s founding and Ran’s family members history. To reveal the secret, Ran enters the minds capes of numerous personalities to discover ideas. Within these minds capes, Ran can do a selection of new and also returning psychic abilities that enable him to navigate through the often-twisted minds as well as battle the psychological creatures they generate.
The original Psychopath, launched in 2005, was fulfilled with essential praise, but fell short to offer well and also was taken into consideration a commercial failure for several years after its very first launch. Double Fine as well as video game director Tim Schaefer had actually revealed the need to develop a follow-up to Psychopath, yet the economic need of establishing the game stalled any kind of serious effort for several years. Double Fine regained the copyright to Psychopath from Majesty Home Entertainment in 2011, enabling them to prerelease the game on contemporary platforms, which saw strong sales and also enhanced need from gamers for a follow-up. Double Fine looked for to acquire component of its financial funding to money the advancements of Psychopath 2 via a US$ 3.3 million crowd-funding as well as investment drive with Fig, introduced simultaneously with the game’s announcement. The campaign increased almost $4 million by the beginning of 2016. While Psychopath 2 was initially to be published by Star breeze Studios under a publishing-only deal, Star breeze fell under personal bankruptcy in 2018. By 2019, Microsoft obtained Double Fine as component of Xbox Gaming Studios in addition to securing the publishing legal rights from Star breeze. This procurement allowed Double Fine to complete the game as pictured as opposed to dropping the scheduled material.

In August this year, the Developer Studio Double Fine Productions brought the Platformer Psychopath 2 to the PC and consoles on the market. Who should have thought that the team then puts the hands in the lap then, has been deceived. Because the exact opposite is the case.

In a current status update on the crowdfunding page, the Team of Double Fine Productions explained that it would continue to work on psychopath 2 — in the form of new fixes and tweaks. At the same time, however, the preparations for several new projects have begun to which there are no concrete details.

The studio is already splitting up in several teams and starts with different projects, of which we think you will fall to you. We love you here at Double Fine experiments. Each game offers the opportunity to explore new ideas, new visual styles or gameplay, emotions and much more. (…) Our focus is now on these new projects.

Although everything does not sound like that, it would be one of the secret projects by another psychopath continuation. But until there is a corresponding dementia or announcements of the new titles, Fans of Ran & Co may at least continue to hope.