The best weapons and accessories of Pubg

Player unknown Battle champs for requires you to enter, loot quickly and be ready for all the battles upcoming with dozens of players that you have the chance to meet in the royal battle game. There are many weapons that you will meet during your time in the game. Sometimes it can be difficult to make sure you have the best available without testing and errors. No worries however, we have a complete list of the best weapons and accessories that you can find in the game.

Assault rifles


This pistol is an absolute monster, but it turns out only in the boxes with booty. If you find a Group on a body or out of a care package, pick it up and feel power in your hands. Equip it with a decent glass and prepare to wreak havoc with its ammunition 7.62.


You can not go wrong with any of these pistols, but it depends on the use you do. The M16A4 properly replaces a long-range sniper rifle because its initial ball speed is the highest in its class.


The Scar-L is a beast when it is fully equipped with accessories, such as a compensator, a vertical front handle and an extended eating charger. This is the best assault rifle of the game when shooting at the remote range.


The M416 is a beast when it is fully equipped with accessories. It has high damage and a low decline. Although it may not be the largest scope, the M416 is one of the best weapons of the game.

sniper rifles


The AWM is a devastating pistol with the highest damage in its class, but it can only be found in care parcels. If it is equipped with a 8x or 15x telescope, it can destroy enemies and detach from their helmets at crazy distances, and should be an immediate pickup if it is found. If you hit a strong headache, you will kill the enemy regardless of the level of helmet he has equipped.


The kar98k is a latch rifle that will serve you well. Among the sniper rifles found outside the crates, he has the most damage. Anyone with a one or two headsets will be killed with a whim. Really, the only accessory you need to find for this pistol is an appropriate glass.


ASKS is a sniper rifle that sacrifices the accuracy for the shooting rate. A suppressor is the most popular attachment for this pistol to hide enemies, but getting a good glasses is also an excellent find to sit down and reduce the damage.

machine guns


With the best initial ball speed of its category, the UMP is an excellent option for close encounters. Its decent range also means that it is more versatile than a hunting rifle for CQC fights, so it’s a solid option at the beginning and in the middle of the game until you can find a sniper rifle or an assault rifle. A fully equipped UMP with a suppressor or compensator, a grip, an extended charger and a reticle, makes it a solid choice and probably the best all around SMG.



The vector has big damage for close and personal fighting, but you are clearly disadvantaged if you do not have extended mags given its high firing rate and its very small number of 13 bullets in a clip. If you are fighting in nearby areas, having this weapon at your side is highly desirable.

Fighting rifles


If you decide to follow the route of a hunting rifle at the beginning of the game, your better bet will be the S12K. It has the weakest damage, but it is fully automatic and can destroy a team closely. If it is equipped with an extended charger, it will contain eight shots and will be entirely flammable. Like other shotguns, avoid using it in open areas.


The double cannon S686 can mow the enemies one by one. Unfortunately, when more people are around you, you have a difficult battle. Since everyone will fight for the booty as soon as they touch the ground, you can use them to your advantage to run on someone and explode at the beginning of a fight, but if you want a rifle stick of Hunting with the S12K.

Fist weapons


As the only fully automatic handgun in the game, the P18C can be argued for use outside the started earmarks, but generally the guns are not excellent with time. It is a solid option to quickly switch and finish someone in the fire of a shooting. In addition, it looks awesome, especially when it is equipped with a red dot, a suppressor and an extended loader, which puts its round capacity to 25 shots. Body Weapons Pan At present, no other melee weapon is important to PUBG meta. The pan can hit an shielded enemy with a whim, but most of its value is that it blocks the shots when it is equipped and maintained at the back of your character. The ping sound effect will be music to your ears while you survive a shot at the back.