I want to be wrapped in the thighs of riser Such dreams come true life size solid thigh mouse pad reservation start

Hobby Japan launched a reservation acceptance of the new goods riser, etc., a large solid thigh mouse pad from Rise’s Atelier-Queen and Secret Hideaways ~.

This product is a three-dimensional mouse pad focusing on Nina no Thigh that attracts the player. A new mold for this product is adopted for this product, the list restaurant part is thigh. About 1,850 g of gel is used for thighs, and the thickness of the riser is reproduced from its thickness.

There is only life-size, dimensions are a big size of 700 mm long × 400 mm lateral. Once I saw a dream I want to be wrapped around the riser! It will also come in this product.

The Shadow  by Arthur Stringer | Audiobook with subtitles

The price is 29,800 yen (tax included) and sold as an ordered producer. The reservation acceptance period is December 17, 2022, and February 32, 2022, and the scheduled shipping scheduled period is April to May 2022. Please check the product page for other details.