Foresken the action

Last week, as part of the Game Awards 2021, Square Enix has announced the publication date of Forsaken (AB 79.98 € pre-order) for PlayStation 5 and PC. In an interview with the website Munich.pH, the Team of Luminous Productions now revealed more details on the game specifically around the various graphics modes available on PS5.

Thus, three options are offered in foreseen. Among other things, a quality mode is offered, which adds the graphic to the focus. Here the game is played in 4k with 30 fps. In performance mode, the resolution drops to 2k, fans can look forward to a representation with 60 fps.

According to Luminous Productions, there will also be a retracing mode in foreseen, but for which no dissolution or image rate details were released. On the PC, players can naturally customize their settings again. Also, the special functions of the danseuse controller are used, including haptic feedback at the different magic shelters. Forsaken appears on 24 May 2022 for PlayStation 5 and PC in the trade. Console exclusivity ends only after two years.

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