Epic Games Store Christmas Boards started with SHENMUE III a new free game available every day for the next couple of weeks

Shenmue 3: Is FREE This Week On The Epic Games Store! (December 16th 2021)
Epic Games Store launched direct Christmas boxes in its shop with daily variable free-play. The first expression name is 18 years waiting and finally published in the 2019 Hence III. The adventure that follows the reprisal of Rio Suzuki will go to the next day on the next day when the new mystery meager steps into the limelight. The corresponding pattern continues for the next 15 days, so it is advisable to follow the Epic Games Store. HENCE III: N can add to the download queue here — and time is therefore only until Friday. All Address: Retromuities: hence Hence III received a new logo-ever-awaited video material at the Games com fairs Anymore a year of waiting for expectations — Hence III finally got its publication date with a new trailer