A collaboration between Monhan Rise and USJ is decided Best Price version that became easy to buy is released on December 16th

Cap com announced that the collaboration of the hunting action Monster Winterization and the large theme park Universal Studios Japan (USJ) in Osaka is decided.

According to the official site, collaboration quests are scheduled to be delivered in the Monster Hunter Rise game. For more information, please wait for the following report.

So far, the Monday series and USJ announced Monster Hunter World: Icebound XR WALK using VR video and special effects, and announced that it will open a leading to January 21, 2012. This attraction moves around for 25 minutes with a dedicated device of about 8 kg, and has attracted great attention from fans and fans.

Well, what kind of quest will you do in Monster Winterization ? Let’s wait.

In addition, December 16th (Thu) is released Monster Hunter Rise Best Price Edition for Nintendo Switches. The price is 5,990 yen (tax included).