The fortnite patch is prepared for Winterfest and adds more top level styles

Fortnite The EPIC Games’ developer has launched a relatively docile patch, V19.01, for chapter 3 season 1: Flipped that greatly adds more super level styles and prepares the video game for the next Christmas event Winter fest while performing small balance changes and error corrections. Patch notes also specifically point out that, while the developer is aware of a problem with Spider-Man web-showers that are interrupted when players move towards web gorillas, that will not be solved until the V19 update. 10.

Everything You Need to Know About the Fortnite v19.01 Update - WINTERFEST & Super Level Styles
Super-level styles are available in the bonus rewards section of the Battle Pass tab for people who move pass level 100, and new super-level styles have been added for level 150 Previous: Super level styles of negative photo, scarlet blackout and golden reality for Santa, Robin, Lieutenant John calls, Harlow and Spider-Man.

You can check the changes of line items performed on Fortnite Chapter 3 season 1: Turning with patch V19.01 below:

Balance changes


The ammunition count of the SMG Stinger is now updated earlier in your recharge animation.

Hunter pin action sniper

The ammunition count of the Hunter Bolt-Action sniper now is updated earlier in your recharge animation.

Main error corrections

A problem was solved that made the split screen deactivated. The divided screen is now enabled again.
A problem was solved that implied that the reset trucks sometimes did not restart the players if more than one teammate was interacting with the truck.
A problem was solved that caused the screen to tremble more intensely than expected in various situations, such as slip, sliding and use of a crack.

As for the Winter fest holiday event mentioned above, EPIC Games states that it should start in just a matter of days and that more details about Winter fest will be revealed when it really begins. It remains to see how all this will be seen this year.

As previously indicated, Fortnite Chapter 3 season 1: Flipped patch V19.01 is now available. As for Fortnite In general, the popular free Battle Royale video game is currently available on most main platforms in its most recent form, except for the iOS version. You can check all our previous Fortnite coverage right here.

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