Genshin Impact Itto Banner Publishing time of Arataki Itto 4 stars

Upcoming Genshin Impact Characters 2021-2022 [What Character Banners Should You Save For?]
The second phase of Genshin Impact is Current version 2.3 Shadows Amidst Snowstorms is almost there and the players can barely expect the arrival of the new 5-star claymore user Arawak INTO of the game, which as part of the Third character featured banners of the version will debut. Against this background, we will now tell you everything worth knowing about the new banner, such as publishing date, availability windows, presented 4-star and more so that you are fully impacted on the arrival of the driver of Arawak in the Genshin Impact.

When will Arawak INTO be published at Genuine Impact?

Arawak Into will be the main character in Genshin Impact’s new Character Wish Banner On’s Royale, the morning, on December 14, 2021, celebrates premiere at 18:00 (18:00 clock Eastern Standard Time). The banner will be available until January 4, 2022.

Arawak Into Banner Composition

How many already know, the new character-focused banner of the game On’s Royale will not only contain the debut of the new 5-star Arawak INTO, but also the debut of Genshin Impact’s new playable 4-star archers Good, who for the first time in the Game during the main action of version 2.0, the version, which included the in-game debut of Maiden Shogun, Kudos Sara, Sangonomiya Kokomo and Oriya. In addition to Good, the new Character Wish Banner will also include the 4-star Xi angling and Barbara. Together with the publication of the new banner, the test phase will also be available for all characters.

Composition of the weapon banners

Together with his character-wish banner, DITTOS will also debut the weapon in the new Weapon Event desire banners in the game, which will debut together with Ones Royale and run as long. Against this background, the banner will show the debut of the new 5-star Claymore Red horn Stone thresher, which focuses on increasing CRT damage not only, but also the total defense of its carrier and its normal / charged attack damage by 40% of total damage To increase defense. The banner will also contain the 5-star arch Skyward Harp and the 4-star weapons The Alley Flash, Midnight Waltz, The Bell, Famous Lance and Sacrificial fragments.

Genshin Impact is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Mobile Devices — Android and iOS. If you are still on the fence and do not know if you should draw for Arawak INTO, do not forget to check his skills, constellations and more.