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With a total of seven victories, the team of trainer Andrea Trencher has fought into the upper table midfield after the false start (0: 4).

The Munich started without viewers with momentum against the club from the Turkish million metropolises. Again and again, Bavaria came across Augustine Rubin and Vladimir Lucia to simple points. With four leads ahead, the first quarter ended until the pause, the hosts expanded the lead to six counters.

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The guests around the German National Team Center Timor Class were better after the side change. Above all, Rodriguez Beauvoir did not get the Munich in this phase and were back after 25 minutes with 55:56. After that, the Bavaria could stop the course of the Turks and went to the closing pass at 66:64.

The Munich were barely stopping and led four minutes before the end with 75:66. The trencher team did not take the lead. At the winner, the Trio Lucia, Rubin and DeShawn Thomas convinced 18 points each. National Class came to seven counters at the Euro league champion.


Bavaria Munich — Anatole Istanbul 83:71 (44:38)
Best Werner Bayern Munich: Rubin (18), Lucia (18) Thomas (18), Hunter (10)
Anatole Istanbul: Beacons (18), Larking (18), Duns ton (13), Mimic (12)
Viewers: None