VBL Leipzig Kriselt Ingolstadt takes over the top

Only since this season the FC Ingolstadt is back in the Virtual Bundesliga (NBL) Club Championship by Investor, but mix the league week after week. A preliminary climax has experienced the comeback of the Scanner on Tuesday evening: On the fifth double game day of the season, the team secured two more victories and thus took over the spreadsheet in the south-east division for the first time.

Currently, Ingolstadt is a point in front of the SPV GG Reuther Fürth and five counters before the previous leader RB Leipzig. First, the Upper Bavaria had defeated the SSV John Regensburg with 5: 2 on Tuesday, then there was the same result against SV Darmstadt 98. The ultimately decisive victory went to the account of Time ‘Timor’ Said at the PlayStation 5.

RB came from the rhythm

Crucial for the Ingolstadt Summitsturm were the Patter of the Leipzig er. All rights against the previous final light Eintracht Frankfurt came RB with 1: 7 under the wheels, then the Saxons had to settle with a 4: 4 against the FC Augsburg. Only in the previous week Leipzig had suffered the first satisfied package.

The only victory of the day was UMT ‘BLZ UMT’ Bulletin Gun, the Augsburg’s Lukas ‘Lukasr18’ Range banged 2-0. Therefore, the Leipzig in the table next to Ingolstadt also had to pass the SPV GG Reuther Fürth, which collected twelve of the 18 possible points.

Both against the SV Darmstadt and the SSV John Regensburg brought the Middle Franconia a 6: 3 and thus the seasonal victories number five and six. In both games, the double of Christian ‘Ximpact10’ Just and Ramadan ‘El17rambo’ Elma’s showed his best side.

Tannhauser climbs, Berlin crashes

A tremendous jump in the table has set the SV Tannhauser, which in place seven improved and suddenly even the playoff places in the visor. Crucial for this was the convincing victory against the 1st FC Dagenham: Just with 7: 1 Tannhauser sat down against the reigning master, the Luca ‘Skandalesi111’ Ales (against Denied ‘Denii10’ Music) and David ‘Dave’ Deck (against Burka ‘Burka May’ May) Your single won 2-0 each.

In the double between ‘Dave’ and Francesco ‘Palazzo 07’ Mazda and ‘Denii10’ as well as ‘Burka may’ there was a 1: 1. Previously, Tannhauser had separated with 4: 4 of the TSG Cofferdam, with the identical result, the parallel game between Dagenham and the 1st PSV Mainz 05 was ended.

Crashed is Bertha BSC, the captains can be found after the tenth match day only on the tenth table spot again. After the team had made in the previous week with eleven points, this time only four other counters existed. Both the 1st FC Nuremberg and the 1st PSV Mainz 05 defeated Bertha 2: 5.

A raven black evening was mainly for Chan ‘Chan’ Vascular, the Nuremberg’s Antonio ‘Antonioradelja’ Adela with 0: 8 and the Mainz Lynn ‘Lynn X10’ Dimmer with 1: 2. The further four games ended each draw. Eintracht Frankfurt has left the last place thanks to the coup against Leipzig, then the Hesse also sat down against the 1st FC Nuremberg with 7: 1. New tail light is the SSV John Regensburg.

Hanover back on the table-top

New at the top of the North-West Division is Hanover 96: The Lower Saxony confirmed the strong achievements from the past few weeks and rewarded with the return to the first place. Already after the fifth match day 96 had been ranked for a short time.

Back to Presence: Large Medical Congress at the CCL

On a 7: 1 against FC St. Pauli, Hanover followed a 5: 2 against FC Schalke 04 on Tuesday and moved past the competition. Key player of 96 is and remains Road ‘H96 road’ Failing: With two single windings and a success in double, he was again the match winner of his team and with now eleven victories is the most successful player of the league.

On the other hand, the yield of the previous spreadsheet remained relatively modest. Borussia Mönchengladbach had to sit down with seven other points and therefore crashed from the first to fourth place. If the 6: 3 was still promising against VFL Bochum, there was then a 1: 7 swatter against VFL Wolfsburg.

Eleftherios ‘BMG Left’ Ilia’s (1: 1 against Khalid ‘KhalidGrl03’ Sure) prevented the maximum penalty on the Xbox. Previously, ‘BMG Left’ had brought a victory against Bochum, even Yannick ‘BMG Jeffrey’ Racer was successful against VFL. With now four points behind Hanover, the table tip for Playback remains within reach, which only one point separates the team from the squares two and three.

6: 3 Against Welder: HSV wins Northern

Furthermore, in the profit track is the Hamburg SV, twelve points collected the Reinstate on Tuesday and also posted a prestige success: in the northern by against the SV Welder Bremen, the HSV drove a 6: 3. In the individually, There ‘HSV There’ Hansen (2: 1 against Max ‘diviners’ Gone) and Steffen ‘Union’ pounds (3: 1 against Ali ‘Predatorfifa’ Soul Rad) for success.

Double then won the Bremen ‘PredatorFifa’ and ‘Diviners’ with 3: 1 against Daniel ‘HSV Daniel7’ Dwell and ‘Union’. Also in the first party of the evening against Hans Rostock Hamburg had brought a 6: 3, Bremen won at the same time the top game against Bayer 04 Leverkusen with 7: 1. Thus, the two normal rivals now stand two on the places two and three.

Meanwhile, Holstein Kiel was allowed to cheer the first win of the season, with 6: 3, the team prevailed against the 1st FC Cologne. Although Marvin ‘carp live’ Schmidt Tycho came with 3: 7 against Tim ‘Thestrxnger’ Katnawatos under the wheels, but the other two matches went to the Killer.

Chat ‘chat 6161’ Workman struck Denis ‘Denis’ Müller with 3: 0, in doubles finally ‘Chat 6161’ and ‘carp live’ by their 2: 1 against ‘Denis’ and ‘Thestrxnger’ the team success, surely. Cologne made the possible leap on a playoff square and is located as seventh three points behind Bayer 04 Leverkusen rank six. The first party of the evening had won the FC with 5: 2 against the VFL Wolfsburg.

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