The Remake of Pok mon Diamond and Pearl reach a new milestone in sales Sinnoh s success

Of course, nostalgia is a very powerful power in the world of video game. Bright diamond Pokémon and gleaming pearl re remind us again with his return to Singh, an experience that attracts both life players and new users. Now, and after leading the Japanese market several times, Nintendo has given official figures on the commercial performance of the game, which since its launch in November has reached 6 million copies sold around the world.

The return to Singh to captivated 6 million players around the world and is that, as the medium game biz reports, there is no doubt that remakes work among the public. After all, Nintendo has managed to revive a very dear generation by the fans and has contributed a graphic change that attracts the look at all the inexperienced players of the franchise. Therefore, it is not a surprise that it has harvested spectacular figures, because your proposal guaranteed a good development in its sales.

Top 10 STRONGEST Pokémon In Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl
It will be for seeing how the game is developed in the next months, since in January we find ourselves with a Pokémon legends: Areas that aims to revolutionize everything we knew from the saga. Be that as it may, there is no doubt that Pokémon Bright diamond and gleaming pearl have supposed all a success for Nintendo, since his idea has been translated into a lot of sales.

In addition, the Japanese company continues to work in polishing all aspects of the game, something we see with an update that is solved by important errors in the adventure. On the other hand, these remakes have been a great circuit for all kinds of Speed runners, since they have not taken to establish amazing marks to finish the delivery. But, as for its main purpose, we tell you in our analysis of Bright diamond Pokémon and gleaming pearl that its blow to nostalgia is not very effective.