2 2 after 0 2 Munich secures in Rauma Remis

PortMate: Safe Approach to Kuuskajaskari port in Rauma, Finland (2/19)
The three-time German champion played on Tuesday evening at the Finnish Club Luck Trauma 2: 2 and can move into the round of the last four by victory in the second leg on December 14th. Linus Lyman (25th) and Sample Piipponen (40th) had taken the households in the lead. Frederik Differs (44.) and Trevor Parks (54.) Excellent in the final third for the Munich. ETC coach Don Jackson pursues the goal with his team to reach the final of the premier after 2019. At the Munich Champions Hockey League Premiere 2015/16 Jackson was left with the ETC still in the first play-off round against Trauma. The Munich are the last German representative in this year’s competition.