Caveblazers gets a physical editing on Switch

The physical edition of Cave blazers will be created by Super Rare Games. Super rare games is up to his name and creates only 4,000 copies for Nintendo Switch. Cave blazers will be on sale on December 9 at 18 Hg GMT (10 h Hp / 13h HE).

In addition to the game, players will receive some additional gifts with physical edition. This version includes all the current contents of its basket, a color manual, interior illustrations, an exclusive sticker and collectible cards.

As for the game itself, Caretakers is a difficult and brutal Roguelike platform game. Travel in a mysterious cave, fight orcs and goblins with an abundance of weapons and magic objects. It is a traditional red-lite platform game that has a lot to offer gender fans.

Roguelike platform game! —Cave blazers is a modern platform game that incorporates Roguelike and RPG elements such as permanent death, random potion identities, inventory system and tons of objects and improvements!
Smart characters! — An advanced path search means that the friendly characters will follow you wherever you go, and the hostile characters will be able to hunt out wherever you hide. There is no outcome. To fear!

Caveblazers - Nintendo Switch - Trailer - Retail [Super Rare Games]
Relentable fights! — Cave blazers moves away from simplistic combat systems seen in other games of the genre and integrates fun, fluid and fast fights, which are accentuated by the brutal and persistent blood effects of the game. Can you overcome the battle of Epic Boss from each zone?
Customizing the character! — a pile of hats, tunics, pants, bathrobes to unlock and more are at your disposal! Or maybe you want to undress and make you naked in the caves? Dark!
Difficult challenges! — Cave blazers offers a lot of challenges for seasoned players to take up. These challenges reward players with new objects, weapons and benefits!

As I said before, I simply do not care about this limited offer of physical editions. In other words, I want everyone to have a chance to own these games. I guess the cost is a limiting factor, especially for these small games. However, it’s always a shame.