Game Awards explain how it will manage Activision Blizzard

The Game Awards, who will come out on December 9, 2021, should be a popular evening, filled with highlights of the game industry, a celebration of fans’ favorites and many guests musical and great hosts. But if there are all these good things during the awards party, there is something else in the minds of people. And that’s how the Games Awards will talk about the situation with Activision Blizzard.

For those who do not know it, Activision Blizzard was in the middle of a controversy, with his CEO Bobby Kick in the middle of it. Not only has Activision Blizzard has been matured in allegations of sexual harassment and sexual misconduct, but the situation has become sufficiently serious for 6 state treasurers, the auditors of their various US states, have asked to speak to the Council. Administration. And while the big PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo gaming companies commented on the situation internally, but few were made except consider their working relationship with Activision Blizzard.

And with Game Awards being a big marketing tool for the big names in the game industry, it could be a good way for Blizzard to earn more money. And this can also be a good way for Game Awards to comment on the situation, highlighting their support for the video game industry. And what the Game Awards decided to do, it’s a good and bad mix.

Although they want, it seems, and especially Geoff Kafka, who is the Game Awards host, supporting the voices of the game industry, he apparently does not want to make things happen. Although it is aware that it is a great opportunity marketing for large game ads and others, Blizzard is not banned. Nor do they withdraw the president of Activision, Rob Ostrich, their advisory council, which also includes other leaders of the big names of the game industry.

We want to support employees and developers, HIGHLY said in an interview with Game Awards. But, added Kafka, we have to think very carefully about how to proceed here.

It’s a message for the least mixed, but it’s starting to brush a picture of what the game industry thinks of Blizzard Activision. It looks almost like Kafka, among the other giants of the game, is afraid of blizzards and what they could do.

Again, it has also been confirmed that if Blizzard will be highlighted in its nominated categories, it will not appear otherwise in the Award games. Kafka added that there is no place for abuses, harassment or predatory practices in any business or community. He continued in a post Twitter with,

We are all responsible for this norm. Incredible games — and talented developers who create them — are the ones we want to celebrate.

It’s true. There is a certain degree of responsibility that must occur when it comes to the video game industry. We will only have to see it happen.

Game Awards refused to take a stand on Activision/Blizzard. Then Geoff Keighley changed his mind.
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