Activision Blizzard gets no stage at the Game Awards

The video game term of the year, which is typically utilized in English Game of the Year (Got), refers to the ideal computer game released for a year. There are several media awarding it, however no event that unifies the term. A number of games can bring the title the same year. This term is often taken up by video games themselves as well as not by an outside media. Some video games have reissues, one year after the initial release, called modifying game of the year with all the included LCS. There are no specific rules on using the disagreement however the games that use it typically do lots of magazines as well as media that have actually used this distinction.

Who hoped to face new trailers for Diablo 4 or Overwatch 2 as part of the upcoming Game Awards 2021, we have to disappoint now. Because Activision Blizzard will not be represented at the event out of the two call-of-duty nominations.

Game Awards offer no place for abuse

Game Awards refused to take a stand on Activision/Blizzard. Then Geoff Keighley changed his mind.

Geoff Kafka, moderator and producer of the Game Awards, confirmed on Twitter that Activision Blizzard will not be part of this year’s awards beyond their own nominations. Activision Blizzards Call of Duty: War zone is nominated for the price as the best continuous game, while Call of Duty can make hope for the price as the best ESPORTS game.

Eighty himself emphasized that the game awards a time of celebration for this industry represented and there is no place for abuse, harassment or institutional actions in which company also. He makes clear: Activision Blizzard is excluded from the event because of the internal sexism scandal of the event, which has adopted larger extent over the past few months.

The moderator also explained:
I am aware that we are a great platform that can speed up and inspire changes. We have committed us, but we have to work together to create a better and inclusive environment so that everyone feels safe to get the best To create games in the world. All of us are responsible for this standard. Incredible games — and the talented developers they create — are it that we want to celebrate.
Nevertheless, during the Game Awards, it will of course be given a lot of new trailers of other publishers and developer studios: More than half of the show is scheduled for announcements of new gaming titles. Gaming fans are allowed to look forward to an exciting evening.

Source: Desert

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