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The Phase 2 of WoW: Burning Crusade Classic is now more than two and a half months old, and it should not be long until the Blizzard developers speak concretely about the next content patch and a release date will be revealed. Many of the challenges ahead, however, put quest lines or other things ahead or bring special mechanisms, to which the Outland adventurers must prepare.

Who cares about these things until after the start of Phase 3, will face a huge mountain work who wants to be dismantled in no time. It is better if you use the time until the release of the update to optimal early prepare you for the upcoming phase. With this guide we will help you there.

features of Phase 3 of TBC Classic

Here again the new content that will end up with Phase 3 on the live servers TBC Classic:

Heal Summit (Raid instance, was available in 2007 already at TBC launch)
Black Temple (Raid instance, came with patch 2.1)
Start of Arena Season 3 (then came with patch 2.3)

attunements for Black Temple and Heal Summit

Who actively raided in recent months in TBC Classic and animal-5 content mastered players can breathe easy: The biggest chunks of work you have already done. To be able to experience the Battle of Heal Summit and the fighting in the Black Temple, you must first namely the attunements for Serpent shrine Cavern and for the Tempest master.

Parallel you could the Attunement for Black Temple in Shadow moon start phase since the first Let’s go Organist Thesis (seer in the Sanctum of the Stars) respectively Anchored Call (Alder, in the Altar of SHA’tar) with the quest writing tablets of Baa’RI. Many of the now upon you in roaring quests can master their own. However, you can expect a 5-player challenge that you should address in a timely manner to easily teammates for the quest to find: The ATA’MAL Terrace.

Kills the raid bosses!

If you defeated Shadow lord death suit, speaking in connection with Kama at the Warden and the attunements have completed for the Tier 5 raid, looks at the Caverns of Time over! There you get from the quest Soridormi The Vials of Eternity, which is part of the attunement process for the next phase. Concretely ye Lady Vast and Karl’this Subscriber, the two end bosses of animal-5-Raids, defeat and remove them the following items:

remains of Vast vial
remains of Karl’s Vial

If the Quest divisible?
Yep, you can share the Quest The Vials of Eternity with your guild and raid colleagues. Theoretically, only one player has the Caverns of Time aufsuchen. Einmal given her turn early free access to the raid instance Battle for Mount Heal, which will be playable in the next phase. The sooner you can do the job behind a hook, the better.

Start Investing now for Phase 3 // 4 things that will make you RICH in TBC Classic P3
The attunement quest line for the Black Temple can you continue in the Tier 5 raid also. Speak with Seer Plum in Serpent shrine Cavern (behind Fathom-Lord Karathress) to obtain the quest The Secret Compromised from him. From there we went to Kama and then into the Tempest, where her dressed Al’AR defeat should.

Then it’s off then again in phase 3 in the aforementioned Raid instance Battle for Mount Heal continues where their fury shall facilitate winter frost at the time Distorted phylactery. On the way you earn you then finally conditional access to the Black Temple.

Tip: With the add-on Attune you have your attunement quest series always in view !

resistance equipment for Black Temple and Heal Summit

As in the Tier 5 raid instances expects you in the Black Temple and Heal Summit on the boss fights where high resistances will play an important role.

Battle for Mount Heal

Mandatory needed her here Resistance clothes in any boss. But you can, you ease the struggles against Anglo and KAZ’Royal when the raid has at least some shade resistance at the start. Good that you will provide the opening of the Black Temple, sooner or later with corresponding items. Already the combination of Blessed Medallion of Harbor plus Yachted plus Shadow Protection brings you 150 shadow resistance, which will make the fights already significantly easier.

Black Temple

For the fight against Mother Shiraz, the entire raid (apart from the tanks) requires the highest possible shadow resistance.
At Lillian MUST recycle a witch champion, in full shadow resistance Gear. In addition, you need two normal tanks with high fire resistance values ​​that take care of the summoned elementary.

For the fight against Lillian, you need two tanks with high fire resistance values. Source: Black Temple

What can be prepared now?

For many of the best shadow resistance parts you need recipes and materials ( heart of darkness ), which you can only farm them from Phase 3. The fire resistance clothes of your tanks for the Lillian fight can already get you now:

For badge dealers G’eras, there are four plate and leather armor parts with endurance and fire resistance (total 200). Cost: 100 badges of justice for all four parts.
Over the Quest examination of the Nauru: Magtheridon also the ring Band of the Phoenix Fire !
If necessary, buy the Cape of the Wyrmcultists from the utility of the Wyrmklts in the Scheat. Attention: You need the Wyrmcult panel to talk to the dealer. The five costumes get their cultists from the nearby.
Worried about the quest the litany of damnation the necklace Amulet of heartened.
The prisoners of astralum in the Nether storm can be made alternatively fiery cloak.
No matter which cloak you take, enchants this with cloak — big fire resistance.
Improves your items if useful, with the flame armor set.
Improves your head protection with glyph of fire protection.

Also, get dressed drinks for fire and shadows, most efficient is the production of boilers:

Substantial Fire Protector (1x Ur fire 3 x Tánaiste, 5 Magic Refilled Phials for 5 Pancakes)
Boiler of the substantial fire protection (2x castor, 7 x monodist, 1 x devil iron housing for 25 applications)
Significant shadow protection pot (1x shadow, 3 x monodist, 5 magic-filled vials for 5 potions)
Boiler of significant shadow protection (2x shadows, 7 x monodist, 1 x devil iron housing for 25 applications)

Farm for Phase 3 shadows and other raw materials! Source: Black Temple

Boss Guides for Black Temple and Battle of Heal

Here you will find our boss guides for the black temple and battle for Heal from the Burning Crusade era (before the start of Phase 3 we will update them again and in terms of layout):

WOW-GUIDE: Caves of time — The Battle of Heal
WOW-GUIDE: The Black Temple

Meaningful investments / to farming items for Phase 3

We have already indicated: With the beginning of Phase 3, every raid will want to equip all the comrades as soon as possible with shadow resistance clothes. For these items, however, it does not only require heart of darkness, but also

Magic-filled nether bales
Grand life
Crystal of the emptiness,

And in large quantities. Thanks to the new RAID instances, however, fresh recipes will come into play, which have nothing to do with resistors. The manufacture of these items also costs next to heart of the darkness different UR variants, including the already available leather, fabrics and ingots of the shard.
Protection paladins are worth heal gold at the battle. Source: Blizzard

Protection Palatine on the Half Simple

With the Battle of Heal, a RAID instance comes into play, which uses us numerous great Add-Waves. Who has no protective paladin in the squad, will wish now, that would be different (and make a voluntary timely tank-ready)? It is not enough if you put a protective paladin in front of the RAID and that’s already done. Some adds can namely stun what the pulls can noticeably complicate.

Remedy here free action potions create, of which each protective paladin should have sufficient luggage. And what do you know for the potions? Black mouth oil and Urging. So, ran to the fishing!

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