The Game Awards could leave out to the Activision ads

Little less than a week is missing to be carried out The Game Awards 2021, where we will see a lot of ads for new games. We still do not know exactly what we are going to show us, but Geoff Kafka, host and show organizer, said the ads of Activision could be out of the event due to all the scandal in which it has been seen Wrapped the company this year.

As part of a new interview with The Washington Post, Kafka said he kept thinking about how address the situation of Activision Blizzard at the ceremony after the reports of harassment and discrimination that emerged months ago.

We want to support employees and developers. We support the fact that these people have come to tell their stories, but we do not want to reduce the opportunities of developers to boast their games.

Geoff Keighley Refuses to Take a Side With Activision Blizzard's Involvement at The Game Awards

We must think carefully about how we will advance with this.

Despite being one of the most important personalities in the gaming industry, Kafka has not made any comment about the whole situation referring to Activision Blizzard. At the time of writing, Kafka No He has said more details about all this.

The Game Awards will be held next Thursday December 9 And here you can meet the complete list of nominees.

Editor’s Note: It makes sense that Kafka wants to stay as neutral as possible first this, however, someone as important as he can not just say anything. He certainly is in front of a complicated situation, and I would not like to be in his place at all. We will see how he handles all this situation.