Players of Super Smash Bros ultimate divided by controversial Character changes

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Smash Ultimate Patch Notes 13.0.1 - Side by Side Comparison

A new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate The update was launched last night at the Nintendo Switch, which made profits and massive nerfs final list for the game, or at the least part of it. At the start updating, there was a lot of anticipation by fans hoping to see specific changes to the game. And as a result, there is a wide range of disappointment by fans for specific changes to the characters and, in some cases, the lack of changes in others.

In particular, many players are not happy that Pikachu has not been nerfed with the final patch of the game. For months and months and months, many players have asked that the character receives a substantial nerf, but this nerfs never came, and that did not change with this update.

That’s how the game dies. That rat yellow avoided to nerf hammer in each patch, reads one of the main answers to the official Nintendo tweet sharing and updating the patch notes. No nerf Pike. Only one significant benefit of Canon probably the number one bottom-up now. Sort can camp under the scenarios indefinitely. I know the team balance is doing their best, but brother. Read another answer.

While many fans are upset with the final update, there are many players happy with the changes and again, the changes were not made.

Happy to see more support for this game, I love to see Pyre / Mithra getting slapped with the nerfs it. reads a popular response. RISING UP GANG PLANT Woo-hoo. I mean, the benefits are smaller, but finally we have some tools safer ground. He added another happy answer.

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