Wow Today is Super Day for Pet

You want leveling battle pets world of Warcraft fast? Then now is watching — this trick is that is only 2-3 times per year !

Pet Battles are quite controversial in World of Warcraft. Either you love as fulfilling side hobby in Zeroth or you loathed. But to get some rewards are Pet Battles duty — even some mounts are hidden behind Pet Battles. Therefore, it is worthwhile for collectors of all types to conclude Pet Battles and have some pets to the maximum level 25th

But did you know that the levels of a pet at level 25 only 5-10 minutes needed? This is a small trick that is available in only a few days a year. We tell you in this guide how their pets Level quickly.

This is the Super Squirt Day — Battle Pets level up in 10 minutes

What is the Super Squirt Day ? In World of Warcraft there is a weekly bonus event to certain activities. Among them there is also the Pet Battle Bonus week. There, all the pet experience points obtained are increased by 200% — that is tripled.

Smaller this event together on the presence of the pet trainers Squirt (in German sparrow ), then one needs a 2-pet struggle to bring a pet of level 1 to level 25th This possibility Pet Battle player then call the Super Squirt Day.

When is the Super Squirt Day? The two events overlap only a few times a year. The next month, the event on 03 December 2021 instead — so already!

Thus do you prepare the power levels

So you can get maximum benefit from the Super Squirt Day, you have to meet and satisfy the conditions a number of preparations. Kill them directly on the best, so that you are prepared for future events of this kind.

These are the necessary conditions:

1. Prepares your garrison

So that you can benefit from the Pet Battle Bonus, you need your garrison a bit to prepare. Does the following:

Has a character who is at level 100 at least.
Bring your garrison in Drano on stage third
Build a pet Menagerie at least level. 1

For most players, the no challenge should be, and probably you have already completed the in leveling. If not, then you now relies on the expansion of the garrison, so that everything is ready for power levels.

2 . Creates a carry-Team

So you Pet power leveling can, required her a carry-Team of two pets that are already staged 25th These two Pets help you through steps to bring any other pet at level 25th

Since you are fighting Sparrow (Squirt) again and again, there are some particularly good combinations of pets that you use for this fight can. We recommend these two Pets:

Enchanted Broom (skills: denting, brush, pulling)

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Knock (skills: Bone Storm, bone storm, Bone Storm)

Both Pets should be at level 25 and of rare quality. You two can often buy at the auction house or her own farm for them in the Argent (Enchanted Broom) and in Ice crown Citadel (Knock).

Tip: In Morals and Dakar’valor and your garrison can you for Polished Pet lucky charm items for sale, immediately bring your pets at level 25 or increase their quality to rare. Making it possible to carry-Team prepare perfectly yours. The Polished Pet talisman you have over Battle for Zeroth probably already received about table missions and Rare mobs.

Sure there are other combinations, but the guide deals with the above-mentioned.

3 . XP buffs for Pets

By default, you would during the Pet Battle weeks need three fights in the fight against Sparrow, to bring a pet from level 1 to 25th However, if you used at least another bonus, this number drops to 2 fights. You have three ways to further enhance the pet XP. These are:

safari hat: 10% additional pet XP. A toy, there is a lengthy Achievement.
Small Treats: 25% additional pet XP. Costs 5 Polished pet pendant with many pet retailers. Keeps an hour long.
Treats: 50% additional pet XP. Costs 10 Polished pet pendant with many pet retailers. Keeps an hour long.

Note that you only one of these three bonuses needed to reduce the amount of fighting to reduce by 3 to 2. It is not worthwhile to add multiple bonuses that brings in this method no advantage!

4 . Gather lots of Pets

To take advantage of the Super Squirt Day as possible, you should of course lots of Battle-Pets have that you can then level. Lie down on so large a collection as possible, because one day you can — enough condition Leisure — leveling 50-100 Pets to this method. Since it would be a shame if you let the occasion pass because it has too little battle pets.

A few guides that lead to particularly rare pets, we have:

So you get the secret Pet of To Dagos
So you get the creepy Pet Baa’l
So you get yourself the secret sun runabout

Thus, the power levels works Super Squirt Day

Now, if the Super Squirt Day is present, your garrison looking up and goes to Haustiermenagiere to fight against sparrow. You just have to use the following strategy. Ensures that your ‘Enchanted broom your in position 1 Pet battle group. Which position Knock and your level Pet are is not important.

Begins the fight:

Round 1: Enchanted Broom used brush.
Round 2: Change your Level-Pet one.
Round 3: Swaps your level-Pet to Knock.
Lap 4: Knock used bone storm.
Lap 5: Knock used bone storm.
Lap 6: Knock used bone storm.
Lap 7: Watch out — Knock dies. Holt your enchanted broom.
Lap 8: Enchanted Broom used raising.
Lap 9: Enchanted Broom used raising. The opposing Pet dies.
Lap 10: Enchanted Broom used dented. The opposing Pet dies.
Lap 11: Enchanted Broom used dented. The opposing Pet dies. You win.

This strategy works of cases in just under 95%. Let her fail once (such as an unfavorable critical hit), then heal your pets and tries again.

After winning her fight your pets should heal (which is the NPC next to Sparrow). Then you repeat the fight or change your level-Pet from, it should already be at level 25th

Money With Pet Battles

The levels of Pets is also true for all players who want to quickly to earn a few gold. There are several methods that can be earned a pretty penny.

  1. Provides more players to level up their pets for gold. Then you can either level directly from Sparrow or you use the Level-stones that can be bought with polished pet pendant.
  2. Alternatively, Level town pets and sell them for gold at the auction house. The price difference between a Pet at level 1 and a Level 25, depending on the Realm between 5,000 and 12,000 gold coins. That’s a pretty tidy sum for a cost of only a few minutes!

Do you have other tips and tricks to Pets can also very good leveling?

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