Big Coup Ronaldo soon in the stream with Elias Nerlich

Elias had started his career as an exporter, for Bertha BSC, he ran in the NBL Club Championship. In the meantime, he has diversified his field of activity in a large style: he is co-owner and CEO of the organization Focus Clan, aligned with the Flagella Cup the most popular non-official FIFA competition and has also moved forward as a businessman.

Part of his approach is the mixing of real and virtual lawn, numerous active and former football professionals gives themselves the latch in the hand for Norwich’s events. He has also developed the immense influence on the scene by international contacts, his connection to the Brazilian national Richardson from FC Everton is well known.

My crew will contact you!

An even larger fish has apparently at the beginning of the coming year at the Angel: The Content Creator published the screenshot of a Twitter conversation with no one as Ronaldo on Wednesday. The football legend — including triple world footballers and two-time world champions — contacts delight and suggests a shared stream.

In January I will be back in Europe. We can think about making something about twitch for the fans together. Give me your number and my crew will contact you!, Writes the former world-class striker. With Ronaldo, the Brazilian has his own channel on Twitch, most recently he proved his skills in Call of Duty.

A milestone for the symbiosis?

Currently, Ronaldo counts slightly more than 150,000 followers on the streaming platform, a collaboration with the rich-growing nervous would certainly open up the gaming industry. The incentive for the Content Creator is obvious: An ex-football professional of the collar-wide Ronaldo had no German streamer as a partner — it could be a milestone in the targeted symbiosis between reality and virtuality.

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