PlayStation Advent Calendar That s how he works these winnings are available

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On December 1, 2021, Sony Interactive Entertainment has given the starting signal for a PlayStation Advent calendar, which attracts interesting gains or prizes with some. However, there are some conditions for participation. We’ll tell you the most important details at this point.

What role do the credits play?

To be able to participate in the PlayStation Advent Calendar, you first need a certain number of credits. This will be credited to the first-time login on the website of the Advent Calendar. Additional credits you can earn by unlocked trophies or, for example, a subscription of PlayStation Plus.

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There are also different tasks, for whose completion you also receive credits as a reward. These include, among other things, participation in a quiz, watching certain videos or friends recommendations. Fits this video is available:

How many credits do you need?

The PlayStation Advent calendar has daily sweepstakes. To participate in this, your requires a lot for 500 credits. The more loose you for a raffle in the pot, the higher your winning opportunities are logically. In addition, it costs 1,000 credits if you want to know exactly what is behind the door at the individual days.

Which prices are there in the PlayStation Advent Calendar?

Participation in the action can be worthwhile for you. As prices, among others, a 65-inch 4K TV from Sony, one of the coveted PS5 consoles or a Play seat F1 Black Pro Racing Seat. Also, Danseuse Controller as well as A PlayStation 4 Pro you can take a little luck.

Source: PlayStation Advent Calendar

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