Last chance Epic gives away a beautiful Open World

The countdown is running! Epic Games offers its new free game the Hunter: Call of the Wild only until 17:00 clock at 17:00 clock for free download. Then the offer changes again. Who wants to secure the realistic hunting game for free, must now hurry.

Thee hunter: Call of the Wild — New Free Game Only a short time available

Shortly before the weekend, Epic Games Table new free games over which all PC players can look forward to. This time all fans of rather slow open-world games come to their expense, because in the online shop you can from now on until 02. December at 17:00 clock the Open World Hunting Game the Hunter: Call of the Secure game for free.

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The Hunter: Call of the wild free dust

Gameplay The hunting game is available in the official trailer:

Despite its advanced age, the hunting game still offers a quite chic graphics and an equally atmospheric open game world, which can either pass through the single player campaign alone, or in multiplayer along with friends.

However, it does not bring you anything to boards with full throttle on your quad through the Wallach. Who in the Hunter: Call of the game success, has to bring a lot of patience. Because only those who serve as softly as possible through the forest, pay attention to traces of animals and tracked this conscientiously, his prey will be able to succeed in the game. Wannabe Ramos have nothing to look for here.

Next free game: Dead by Daylight Dust

Halloween seems to have a little sleepy Epic Games, because only in the coming week you get a popular horror multiplayer game for free: Dead by Daylight.

In the asynchronous multiplayer, you either take the role of survivors who have to flee from a game area — or their slips into the role of killer, which must bring all others to the route.

The survivors must support each other and optimally use their different skills to escape before the killer. But he also has some tricks in stock, which differ depending on the character. These can be used to lure its counterparties in a trap and bring them to the route. A Leveling system ensures long-term motivation.

Dead by Daylight can be secured for free between 02. December at 5:00 pm until 9 December 2021.