Steam reaches a record of 27 million simultaneous users

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Steam Reaches 14 Million Concurrent Users For the First Time Ever

Steam has reached a new historical record of online simultaneous users, as indicated by the data published by Steam DB. According to the web on the graph that you have on these lines, it was on Saturday afternoon at 3:00 pm of peninsular Spain when 27,384,959 people connected at the same time at the same time on the platform of Valve.

Of these, they show the data, are 7,827,251 (28.58%) users who were heading at that time. It is not the first time that it exceeds its record of unique users connected this year, with the more than 26 million players who got the platform last April. In this case, from PC Gamer aim that success comes from Thanksgiving, this festival that takes place in countries such as the United States or Canada that was held last Thursday, and tends to extend several days. It also influences, of course, the recent massive offers of Black Friday that culminated during the past weekend, in addition to Steam’s autumn offers (in fact, here you have some recommendations, although the best recommendation is not to buy anything if your catalog is already great and there are things to the tail).

Tap also about the games that have led and driven directly the figures from the Valve store, and that have been led by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, as it could not be otherwise, with 915,791 players in their Maximum point in the last 24 hours. This is followed Data 2, which has 677,744 users of maximum in the same period and PUBG: Battlegrounds with 344,841.