HSV vs FC Ingolstadt 2 Bundesliga now in the live ticker

In the conference of the last three games on the 15th match day in the 2nd Bundesliga, Among other things, Hamburg SV receives FC Ingolstadt. The live ticker for the game can be found here.

On this morning, two teams meet each other, whose initial situation could hardly be different: the HSV, currently in eight place, only separate five points from a rise place. Ingolstadt, on the other hand, greets from the end of the table: only six points from 14 games — eight points to the saving relegation place.

2 . Bundesliga: Hamburger SV — FC Ingolstadt 2: 0 — The game in the steno gram

Hamburger SV — FC Ingolstadt 2: 0


| 1: 0 Alison (12th), 2: 0 Jetta (39.)

Installation HSV

| Johansson, Hair, Djokovic, Scholar, Mülheim — Rice, Effect, Kitten — Jetta, Glazed, Alison

Position FCI

| Bun tic — Roller, Antonius, Take — Harlot, Keller, Dillinger, Gas — Bauer, Tender, Resister

Yellow cards


HSV vs. FC Ingolstadt: 2. Bundesliga now in the live ticker — 2: 0

54.: And the reds, the guests are at the beginning of the second passage back on their own penalty area, let the ball circulate well. Very sovereign occurs.

52.: But threatens the hamburgers at all? Purpose Fact from the Statistics Department: The eleven Ingolstadt in the square did not score this season in the league.

50.: The HSV starts dominant and patiently, the FCI must be careful that here is not the fair at an early stage.

47.: But the first chance belongs to the households! Harlot delights the ball on the right wing, which makes the game fast. Over several stations, the HSV carries its attack to the penalty area, where rice canceled from 14 meters of half-linked position. But opponent pressure he fires too high.

HSV vs. FC Ingolstadt: 2. Bundesliga now in the Linebacker — beginning 2nd half

46.: and thus in the second game section! Ingolstadt runs after a 0: 2 afterwards and stops.

HSV vs. FC Ingolstadt: 2. Bundesliga now in the Live ticker — Change Ingolstadt

46.: Schubert takes a change for a break, brings for the invisible Maximilian of Brewster now Justin Butler.

Halftime: The numbers for the first 45 minutes? The HSV initially had over 85 percent of the possession of the possession, of which more than 64 percent remained after the short break. Also, the pass quota (85 to 70 percent) and the degrees (11: 6) illustrate the class difference, and the Scanner only brought a ball to the gate of the hosts (5 on the gate of Ingolstadt). But: the guests win two thirds of the two-fighting, a virtue that could be worth gold in the relegation battle. Just not today against HSV.

Halftime: Strong appearance of the reds to here, the HSV started with extremely high games and a lot of patience, came through Alison after twelve minutes to the deserved leadership — but lost the thread for around ten minutes, and let the Scanner come into play. After half an hour, however, the households backed up the command, pushed the Ingolstadt to their own penalty area and concluded the 2-0 afterwards. The guests do not make a bad game over wide phases, but the class of the favorite but ultimately oppose little to oppose.

HSV vs. FC Ingolstadt: 2. Bundesliga now in the Linebacker — end of the first half

    • 1.: Punctually after 45 minutes it goes into the break — the HSV leads 2-0 against Ingolstadt.

43.: Almost the final knock-out! Jetta appears on the left wing, is sent to the baseline and shovels the leather at the first post. There, an Ingolstadt defends it by head — and sets perfect for smock. He has space, time and free firing track. And if he says that one, then he stops the ball and meets. He does not tell him, the direct acceptance he meets unclean.

41.: Responding react the Ingolstadt. Keller takes a free ball to the right of the penalty area, puts the ball again a bit more central on the left foot and packs the Schooner. Too little pressure, no problem for Johansson.

HSV vs. FC Ingolstadt: 2. Bundesliga now in the Live ticker HSV

39.: TROOPER! Hamburger SV — FC Ingolstadt 2: 0! The HSV has again switched a gear higher — and rewards with the second goal! Small brings a corner kick from the right side to the center, Bakery Jetta continues against Preminger and meets wider by head on the changeless Bun tic past the net.

37.: 17, 18 meters away, but twice in the wall, even the corner kick is prevented with full use. Refuse HSV, chance.

36.: Spielmacher among themselves: Student puts smells just in front of the penalty area, comes a step too late. And the free-kick is an extremely delicate — for example for the foiled itself.

33.: The HSV remains on the pusher, has the next good conclusion. Again, it is Jetta, which is set to the right in the penalty area and tried it myself. Roller is in the way with a strong grass and blocks the experiment to the corner.

31.: And from nothing the big chance to the 2: 0! A flank from the left side wants to clarify Antonius, but beats a candle — and that falls right on the Surface Jetta in front of the feet. The closes something overloads directly and fires the ball wide.

29.: The FCI also gains the vast majority of the two-fighting: Over 70 percent go to the actors dressed in black and Schubert. At dedication and will, the final light is certainly not a lack.

27.: Why is nothing more from HSV? The eleven of Tim Walter just lets the calm on the ball and the precision in the pass game misses, it tries far too often with complicated, long balls.

26.: Next attempt of guests! Tender is running on the left side of the penalty district, but then the game device gets still placed for building. Back, over it. But it remains: The FCI is just the music in the Volksparkstadion!

25.: Strong how the newcomer here is now against the next defeat and makes life difficult for the great favorite. After graduating, the Ingolstadt even lead 5: 3, but there was nothing more compelling — and nothing came to the gate of Johansson.

24.: One-way street football continues, but now only in the other direction! Harlot from 20 meters central position holds a heart, but the shot is still blocked. Johansson safely picks the arc lamp from the air.

22.: The Upper Bavaria is at once again active — and again it will be dangerous! Gau raises the ball from the right to the penalty area, where Ge worker triggers well, but a step came into late and just missed.

21.: And suddenly the guest has the opportunity to compensate! The HSV makes a bad mistake on the centerline, the FCI makes it fast with two direct passes quickly and sends country on the journey. He has a lot of pace, penetrates into the box and wants to cross off the Surface. But Djokovic with a strong grass saves for his colleagues.

19.: The FCI therefore only with a short defiance phase after the goal, now the HSV has taken over the command again. One-way street football at over 70 percent ball possession and a highly deserved leadership.

18.: The Var checks short, but then quickly comes to the decision: From a short distance there is no deliberate hand game, as did not have a foul game. It goes on with corner kick and that’s a good thing.

17.: Hair sends Jetta to the track on the right side, which occurs after a slight contact at the penalty area. And was Rico Preminger there also with his hand on the ball?

15.: But the FCI assumes that, plays now active — and gets a corner kick on the right side. He is briefly played, in the end does not jump out more than another spacer shot, over which we sheath the coat of silence.

13.: The guests cars a quick reply. Cellar from the second row, but clearly right on the finish.

HSV vs. FC Ingolstadt: 2. Bundesliga now in the Live ticker HSV

12.: TROOPER! Hamburger SV — FC Ingolstadt 1: 0! Patience rewards! The HSV plays it again directly, Kitten raises the ball to the left in the penalty area, where the 20-year young Fa ride Alison can get off his opponent with a hook and tapes powerfully. From a short distance, the ball is still easily faked and will be untenable for Bun tic.

12.: The HSV does that with a lot of peace, leaves the ball well, over many stations. To the left at the point of penalty ALISON is free. A hook, two hooks. No free firing track, cross pass. And again new construction. A lot of patience.

10.: At the FCI, every second (!) Ball ends at the opponent. It only plays the favorite in the initial phase.

8.: Ingolstadt runs high, puts the pass paths early. The experienced football fan knows: There is a lot of patience wondered for the HSV, which does not come behind the chains so far.

6.: First small exclamation mark of the households! Small gets the ball on the left side of the half, takes ride up and pulls into the center. From 18 meters he perceives the weft opportunity and pulls off against his ex-club, the leather rushes just over the box.

5.: Ball possession of the reds of five minutes: over 85 percent. But Ingolstadt offers no rooms so far, but HSV has not yet been emphasized.

3.: The impartial in the Volksparkstadion is in the rest Time Each. Who has a very calm initial phase to lead? The HSV runs the ball, the FCI counters with compactness.

1.: The entrance wheels arrive, the ball rolls!

HSV vs. FC Ingolstadt: 2. Bundesliga now in the Live ticker — impetus

Before starting: While the FCI has only a victory and the last five league rates could not win, the HSV has lost none of the last five games (2S, 3U). Otherwise, this can only show leaders Darmstadt (4S, 1U).

Before starting: In the table, the currently ensures the latest on the last, where the HSV (23 points) could make a jump in 4th place with a home win. Ingolstadt (6 points) can not make jumps.

Before starting: Andre Schubert has made a change only. And only because he had to. Kitsch falls out, but Roller moves into the starting eleven.

Before starting: So Ingolstadt: Bun tic — Roller, Antonius, Take — Harlot, Keller, Dillinger, Gas — Bauer, Tender, Resister.

Before starting: This is precisely the same starting with the Hamburgers as the last game — at 4: 1 against the John.

Before starting: The HSV: Johansson, Hair, Djokovic, Scholar, Mülheim — Rice, Effect, Kitten — Jetta, Glazed, Alison.

Before starting: For the HSV it is today with a victory connection to the upper table quarters to true. Ingolstadt On the other hand, points are urgently needed to lose a look at the race against the descent of Tannhauser and Co.

Before starting: According to plan, the game should start at 13.30. The scene is the Volksparkstadion in Hamburg.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the Live ticker of Parties HSV Vs. Ingolstadt.

Hamburger SV vs Ingolstadt 3-0 | HIghlights |  2. Bundesliga 2021/22
HSV vs. FC Ingolstadt: 2. Bundesliga today in the Linebacker — the statements

Hamburger SV: Johansson — Hair, Djokovic, Scholar, Mülheim — Effect, Rice, Smith — Jetta, Glazed, Alison
FC Ingolstadt 04: Bun tic — Antonius, Roller, Take — Harlot, Keller, Preminger, Gas, Bauer, M. Tender — Resister

HSV vs. FC Ingolstadt: 2nd Bundesliga today in Live ticker — Transfer to TV and Livestream

The exclusive rights to the games of the 2nd Bundesliga has secured the pay TV channel SKY this year.

HSV vs. FC Ingolstadt: 2. Bundesliga today in Live ticker — Transmission on TV

From 13.00 clock, so half an hour before the start of the game starts SKY the transfer of the game on the channel Sky Sport Bundesliga 2 (HD). The conference with the two at the same time starting at the same time can be seen on SKY Sport Bundesliga 1 (HD). More information about the subscription is here.

HSV vs. FC Ingolstadt: 2. Bundesliga today in Linebacker — Transfer in the LiveStream

If you are a customer of the above-linked SKY Sport Packets, you can see the content contained in the APP SKY Go in the Livestream at no extra cost. A second possibility offers SKY ticket. DA, it is even possible to complete a monthly subscription.

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HSV vs. FC Ingolstadt: 2. Bundesliga today in the live ticker — the table in the 2nd Bundesliga before the games on Sunday

Rank | Team | Sp. | Goals | Pkt.

1 | Darmstadt | 15 | 37: 17 | 29
2 | St. Pauli | 14 | 31: 16 | 29
3 | Regensburg | 15 | 33: 20 | 28
4 | Schalke | 15 | 28: 19 | 26
5 | Paderborn | 14 | 28: 16 | 25
6 | Nuremberg | 14 | 19: 12 | 24
7 | Dagenham | 15 | 16: 20 | 24
8 | HSV | 14 | 24: 16 | 23
9 | Karlsruhe | 15 | 15: 21 | 21
10 | Bremen | 15 | 21: 22 | 20
11 | Rostock | 14 | 17: 24 | 17
12 | Kiel | 15 | 17: 26 | 17
13 | Düsseldorf | 115 | 19: 22 | 16
14 | Dresden | 15 | 16: 21 | 16
15 | AUE | 15 | 14: 22 | 14
16 | Hanover | 15 | 10: 22 | 14
17 | Tannhauser | 15 | 16: 33 | 12
18 | Ingolstadt | 14 | 9: 31 | 6