Bavaria President Hainer calls Qatar

Gainer called on Saturday club member Michael Out to make a personal conversation. His application to the end of Qatar sponsoring at the Annual General Meeting on Thursday had been closed by the club. As a result, it came to tumults.

President Gainer had finished the assembly a bit abruptly, though further word messages were registered. The complete incomprehension of the members present, which would almost go to the barricades. They sang: We are Bavaria — and not. And: We are the fans you do not want. And last but not least, and that has never existed, called a large part of the members: Gainer out! Gainer out!

Out: The conflict must be solved

We have exchanged shortly over the AHV and remained so that we will lead a personal conversation to Qatar and the AHV, Out said at Twitter. When this conversation will take place, is not fixed yet. But what’s established is that the conflict must be resolved, wrote Out.

Nagelsmann: Maybe there are options that better solve

FC BAYERN MÜNCHEN: Tumult wegen Katar auf der Jahreshauptversammlung – Herbert Hainer entnervt

Coach Julian Nagelsmann looks similarly. The general meeting was out of his view but not necessarily the right frame to discuss the problem, he said at Sky: Maybe there are options that better solve.

If something happens, it’s mostly so that both sides are involved, said Nagelsmann. The day-to-day business sees the coach not negatively affected by the unrest. I still have enough capacities to take care of athletic, he said. And: Despite the quarrels, he the claim that we play well.