In ProFane we will be dependent not only from the season but also from current weather

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Profane is described as MMORPG games offering a gameplay without any limits ( no barriers ). Without character classes, without levels of experience, without linearity and handling. Authentic Sandbox with an open world and an equally open PVP. What do we learn about this project now?

Palia - Ex- Blizzard / Riot Developers Huge New MMO
The fact that it will put a lot of emphasis on weather conditions. In a profane world will actually live, so we will get not only variable times, but also the weather. All these elements will realistically influenced fun — they will not only be part of the cosmetic shell of the world, as is the case in most MMORPG games games. In DEFINE from what is currently taking place outside the window will depend on many aspects of the game.

Some materials and raw materials will be available only in a given season. Therefore, it will be necessary to gain it on a specific time or to coincide it to collect rules. Then we use everything to crafting, or sell at a higher price — our case. The weather in turn is affected by the hidden things in Profane. For example, only during weigh, we will be able to reach a particular zone that is normally hidden.

The cycle of the day and night responding to the emergence of specific beings, especially those rare ones. The creators would also like to introduce to the game and the reliefs, because this mechanic could be an interesting addition to Profane. They point out, however, that the technology limits them for this moment, so nothing will eventually do not hit the game.

Why all this? In addition to enjoying a lot of fun, the creators decided to… hinder the fun of Crater. They want them to think about what they are currently gaining or produce, and planned their actions. This is that the whole will not be so repetitive. Especially that no one weapon’s buy materials from others or exchange inventories.

It is not known when profane will officially debut. We only know that this title has a free-to-play model.