Promoting Com2us New Office Future Global Strategy Cluster

[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] Com2us promotes new office building for group competence.

Com2us (Representative Song Jae-won, Lee) was disclosed on the 22-day of establishing a new office for the integrated growth of group competitiveness and securing the best R & D environment,

The new office is constructed at a new landmark of 300,000 Udall of 10,000 marchers in the middle of the medium of Middle Materials, and is a new landmark of 3-year-olds. In 2026, the Group of Com2us is a strategic base to attach the global content market to the entire plan to move.

The new office is utilized as a space for research and development and business expansion throughout the group, which is a high-quality game, including high quality games, and the companys expansion of research and business expansion of the company, and the synergy of the future industry affiliates that Com2 It is a plan to make a cluster that is a maximized Belle body.

It is located in the center of Seoul, located in the center of the city of Com2us, located in the center of Seoul, and it is highly accessible from the city and the outskirts. It is also a company side description that recently called hippo as as a new cultural community space of MZ generations. Com2us Shins office will provide employees to provide a pleasant work environment and will be provided as a space that can be free and creative to expand the free and creative capabilities through balance of work and life.

I'm at Com2us headquarters...again?!
The company said, The convenience of the synergy and business between the group, and the convenience of the business was determined to be carefully erected, The new office will mean a pleasant work space for our employees, I explained.