Ripstone Games Ad Poker Club for Nintendo Switch

Rip stone Games is a video game developer founded in 2011 with two creative teams based in the UK and Greece. The company has been involved in the creation of more than twenty games with millions of copies sold. One of their most popular franchises is Poker Club, an immersive poker experience available on consoles and PCs. Rip stone Games announced that Poker Club will be released on Nintendo Switch on November 25 at a price of $19.99 / $21.99 / $21.99. In addition, to celebrate its launch on Switch, the fans will be offered a 10% discount on the pre-orders. Are you ready to dominate the table?

Poker Club maintains up-to-date poker experience with new content, tournaments and features. The Nintendo Switch version will come out with various unique options, including moving games, crossed game features, and the game will be released with all the content and updates published so far. Poker Club on Switch seems to be a good deal.

Poker Club - Welcome to Poker Club Gameplay

In addition, Poker Club will be launched with tournament mode, a monthly competition with unique prices and interesting rewards. Rip stone Games strives to publish a new theme each month for tournament mode with exclusive limited time accessories and more.

Phil Haskell from Rip stone Games said: We are committed to doing poker club the definitive online poker experience for PCs and consoles… coupled with the portable functionality of the switch and the multiplatform game with PC and Xbox, it There has never been a more convenient way to set up a remote game night with your friends! And with a constant flow of incoming content and updates, we aim to what Poker Club feels as fresh, exciting and pleasanter than the real thing.

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