Berliner Derby Hertha

He has already experienced a lot in his long career as a player and trainer, so Pal Cardie on Saturday night shortly after the fixed 0: 2-dysbnow in the strong city rival Union, which continues to be the better Berlin club in the current time. In itself, a defeat like this is not surprising.

The 45-year-old Hobby was talking to Sky so soberly that the defeat for his protégés was absolutely fine: We started well, but then made unnecessary technical mistakes. One of these mistakes was celebrated at the 0: 1 of his 19-year-old son and central defender Martin Cardie. At all, the goals we collected, said Cardie, were just unnecessary. And just because of the second half we have to say that the victory was earned for Union.

The Heathens developed offense on this Saturday in the wake of the 12th Bundesliga match day offensively against a stable defense of the Irons just too little breakthrough, while the householders could have achieved good and like even more goals. We have progressed well to the opposing 30-meter zone, but then we did not come to degrees. And if then a shot has been successful, then he was just too harmless. The opponent was just better, dynamic, stronger, so Cardie recognizing.

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I have not seen that for a long time

One thing but then bothered the coach massively — and the actual 1: 2 connection immediately before the break, when the enrolled right-back Peter Park hit by head, but the Var then turned on and the hit due to a deadline of strikers Krzysztof Plate Ultimately, had known. And though, though, in fact, minimally in the away attacker with his header had initiated the attack, as a result, further actions were only passed by Marvin Plattenhardt.

There are three new game situations, says Cardie visibly dissatisfied with the decision of the team for the main referee. Felix Bryce at this point. I have not seen that for a long time that a gate is taken back here. But thats not my responsibility, you stayed here people who take responsibility, but I believe that you have to count that, because in the Scene no one raises the arm, complaints, and no flag goes up. Otherwise, I can tell every goal: Hey, here ten passes before there was a drawn hand.