Wow Now you move sweet Murlocbabytorneister for 6 months

Already ten years ago, the Blizzard Responsible have recognized: If there is no new content on the foreseeable future in World of Warcraft, you might make players tasty differently the subscription degree tasty, preferably for a needful period of time. Performance: Annual Pass with the FREE version of Diablo 3.

This year we know again a content drought again. WOW Patch 9.1.5 Finally, focused primarily on more comfort, balance and feel-good atmosphere, and WOW Patch 9.2 will probably end up after Thanksgiving on the PTR. And what makes Blizzard? Provides us in the 2-month cycle Ingame-Goodies to seduce us to a 6-month subscription for WOW (Buy Now €14.99):

In July 2021 lured the Mount Sapphire Wolkenfackel
In September 2021 lured cross-promo content for Hearthstone

And now we also know what November 2021 has to offer for all potential subscription refusers.

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Murdoch always go

Who now completes a WoW subscription for 6 months in Battle.net shop, automatically gets the nail stars and ultra-sweet Murlocbabytorneister. And I say that as a transforming muffle. In the official announcement it says:

Man can never have enough Murdoch. You can wear three different templates: Goals spotted towers (green), Flights trembling torn chaster (red) or Merrill shiny torn chaster (blue). Take your Marlon on your travels through Zeroth, the Shadow lands and beyond with while you protect you in your cozy shells.

Players who currently have a 6-month subscription, which is renewed at a future date, receive the Transmogrification Murlocbabytorneister at the latest on 2 December 2021 at the latest costs without additional costs (must be redeemed until June 30, 2022).

On top of that, as before, the toy wight in the ball for Burning Crusade Classic.
Wow: The Murlocbabytororneister is already cute, right? Source: Blizzard

Murlocbabytornister in the shop

Baby Murloc Satch-Shells Transmog from 6 Month Subscription Reward

Alternatively, you can acquire the new towers (which a word game) also in the Blizzard Shop, for 15 euros. The Murlocbabytorneister is also available here in three color variants. Which of the three (FRILL, MRG LL or GREG) may accompany you on your adventures, you can decide yourself and change as often as you want.

After activation, all current and future WoW characters of the respective regional Battle.net account receive the purchased article. Transmogrification objects automatically appear in the collection and the transmogrification interface of each character.

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