Ready to end our activities WTA increases pressure on China because of Peng Shuai

We are definitely ready to end our activities, with all the consequences that brings with them, SIMON assured in a CNN interview. The allegations in relation to Peng are greater than the business, said the head of the players organization WTA. Women have to be respected and must not be censored, Simon demanded.

The Peng Shuai Emergency keeps getting WORSE.

China is now considered an important location especially for womens tennis. In 2018, the seasonal tournament of the best eight players of the year of 2019 to 2028 was awarded to the Chinese city of Shenzhen and the prize money doubled from seven million US dollars to 14 million. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, however, could not be played in China over the past two years.

Censure strokes every debate about the case

Peng Squad had alleged allegations at the beginning of November in the social network Weibo because of a sexual assault by a Chinese top politician. Since then, the 35-year-old has not been seen publicly and is considered disappeared. Chinas censorship deletes every debate about the case. Looking for your name or Metro in the Chinese Internet are blocked.

An alleged mail from Peng has aroused substantial doubts at the WTA and the concern is still enlarged. Chinas state international television CGTN had published an email on Twitter at night on Thursday on Twitter who wrote the tennis star himself and to have sent to the WTA boss Simon. The reports on them, including the allegation of sexual coercion, are not true, it said. Youre fine.

In the whereabouts of Peng Squad, Chinas Ministry of Foreign Ministry did not want to comment on. Requests should be directed to competent bodies, said a spokesman. Numerous athletes have asked in the social media under the Hashtag whereispengshuai China, in this matter for clarity to care.