The Ultra Instinct was introduced from Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball Super showed us facets of these heroes that we had not seen previously, but perhaps one of the most important points was to see Roku reach a new level of power thanks to ultra instinct. This transformation gave him what he needed to succeed in the power tournament, but did you know that he had already been insinuated from the first story of the series?

Via Twitter, the user AGAIN put in evidence the above. And is that when Roku was still a child, Mr. Pop was teaching him how to hide his chi, and this process A coincided with some steps necessary to reach the ultra instinct.

Goku uses Ultra Instinct Sign for the first time, Frost vs Master Rosh, Frieza vs Jimizu English Dub

The fact that the ultra instinct was insinuated from the first Dragon Ball shows how well it respects continuity. The teachings of Pop A Roku are undervalued and are key to learn the Special Technique of Los Angeles.

This same conversation was also present in DBS when the bills used its powers of ultra instinct. Piccolo Immediately noticed that he could not feel anything and this was also seen when Roku trained with This and Menus to master this technique.

Editor s note: In spite of everything, it seems that this detail confirms how well the work of Akira Oriya has handled the issue of continuity. Yes, I am aware that there are a lot of movies that are neither canon, but when it comes to the main franchise, its authors really know what they do.