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Due to the nature of the game device, the uncomfortable people will do their best to eliminate the uncomfortable to enjoy the game

Social Contribution Awarded to a game company contributed to social value creation,

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The Ministry of KIM Huh Lee, a member of the Killed, discussed a game access campaign for disabilities for the disabled, which is attending the International Game Exhibition Riga 2021 in Susan Cusco.

Hume (17th) Attend the game accessibility to the disabled, the game access to the disabled by the Vesta 2021 event in Susan, Susan, Susan, Busan, attended the Disability for Disabilities for Disabled, I discussed the power generation strategy.

Huh, who said, One of the biggest advantages of the game is that we can be one of the largest advantages of the game, said that we can be one of the discrimination or difference in the world, said, The game is a concept of simple hobbies or leisure activities to youth As a job, it is an important role in the formation of network as a vocational member, so that the body is uncomfortable because the body is uncomfortable.

Following the Enforcing forced shutdown now, as long as it has disappeared to the history of history, now, we will now study game access to the disability for the disabled for the freedom of all youth and the E-sports and game industry.

She will attend a social contribution superior award awarded to the game company that contributed to the social value creation of the social value of 2021 Korea Games to the 2021 Korea Games to the last schedule.

At this fair, a member of Huh, who was starting to attend the opening ceremony, followed by the game industry officials, listening to the associated industry and visiting the related industry, visiting the exits and promotional booths, and actively participated in the event.

This year, Jesse was only two years in this year, and it was very lively and dynamic that it was a little after good news that it was a forced shutdown abolishment. She said, I participated in all the events today, and with the games, young people and breathing. She was a very meaningful event, which was a new homework, which was a new homework that improves the game environment for people with disabilities, she said.