Blizzard Woman is set for equality gets less money than the man

Activision Blizzard, Inc., formerly recognized as Activision, Inc. (NASDAQ: ATV), is a US computer game company that has Activision (Creator of the Phone Call of Responsibility Saga, Guitar Hero, Tony Hawk as well as Slanders to name a few) and also Blizzard Home Entertainment (Developers by Wow, Diablo, Star craft, Overwatch among others). Because its blend in 2008 and subsequent purchase by Tencent Holdings, Activision Blizzard has ended up being the most crucial Third-Party for the USA and also worldwide, attaining a market capitalization of 49 billion bucks.

Jennifer Oneal, the former co-boss of Blizzard, had clear reasons for her way. Less money and lack of confidence in the company.

Activision Blizzard Cave, End Arbitration For Harassment Claims, CEO Pay Massively Cut For Now

At Activision Blizzard is currently a lot of change — at least one hoped that. After a few months ago, the former Blizzard boss J. had resigned all Back, there was a double tip. Mike Ibarra and Jennifer Oneal has led the company for several months since August.

For a long time this did not stop, because barely 3 months after Oneal had started her job, she published a public statement that she would leave Blizzard. Her plans were therefore to assist women in gaming in other ways.

Even with this announcement, it was strange that ONEAL seemingly did not have any concrete plans, but see how it s best to implement.

Now came out: Behind her termination were a lot of other reasons.

Where does the information come from? The information from this article comes from a post of Wall Street Journal. They had recently published a large revelation report on Activision Blizzard, who made a lot of consequences. Although the main character of the article is the current boss of Activision Blizzard (Bobby Kick), there were also some details about Oneal.

That s why Oneal has really gone: According to the report, Jennifer Oneal has written an email to the Legal Department of Blizzard for a month after the beginning of your new job. There she explained that she had a lack of confidence over Activision s management level to really change culture in the company. So she wrote:

ES became clear that the company would never prioritize our people in a correct way.

In the same mail, she explains that she too was victims of sexual harassment during their career at Activision. Also, she mentions an Activision Party she visited with Kick in 2007. There it has given strippers and the DJ had the women to drink more and more, so that men have a pleasant time.

ONEAL gets less money than Ibarra — at the same position

Especially absurd seems to be another point. That Oneal and Ibarra were used simultaneously to lead Blizzard should actually be a sign of diversity and equality.

It seems all the more incomprehensible that ONEAL was paid worse according to their own statements than their male colleague. She became the victim exactly the problems against which they had actually brought to office.

In another mail, ONEAL declared that they ve met with the departure of Activision Blizzard the best decision for themselves and their family.

Community is outraged: It all ensures a lot of incomprehension on Twitter and communities around the games of Activision Blizzard. Another shit storm is burned out. It is spoken hot about Kick and Oneal. So Errol writes about WoW in the Subreddit:

We all knew that [Oneal] should only have signal effect, but all that blizzard would have had to do was treat a single woman like treating a real person and not even they have done to someone in such a high position as they did. It is as if you are not allowed to change the only lantern on a huge parking lot, and they have somehow managed to drive it with 70 km / h. We all knew that they were lying and then escaping it sometime, but no one could imagine that they create that so fast.

The incomprehension is drawn through the whole thread, even H-Ryougi writes:

Select If it was named [ONEAL] only as a PR action to the co-leader, you still have not paid her the same as YEAR.

The stuff can not be fooled.

If all the incidents around Activision Blizzard would be a movie, you would probably say: So it s unrealistic. This also sees Reddit User ItsSdismaY so:

Herr in the sky, how can you crop so? If this was a bad B-Movie, I would not hold half of the shit that does not happen here for realistic.

The scandal around Blizzard and Activision once again takes on ride. An end is — unfortunately — not in sight.