Back 4 Blood will focus on adjusting your difficulty

Back 4 Blood, the new Cooperative Multiplayer Game of Turtle Rock Studios, the creators of Left 4 Dead, still have trouble resolving. He hStudios been admitted by the study himself at a Reddit entry, in which they have reported that one of his main objectives remains polishing the game experience, which depends largely on the balance of his difficulty. However, they point out, the bugs are complicating more than the account this work.

The difficulty hStudios to be our site in the story of Back 4 Blood, said Turtle Rock in a Twitter publication. The reference to the bear is an expression to underline the importance of this adjustment. You need to be just well. According to him, they want it to be tense but also challenging. We want you to reach a safe room for the hairs, with the Horde stepping on your heels and you re feeling that feeling of urgency.

In search of the perfect balance

Back 4 Blood - Veteran & Nightmare Difficulty - Too Hard? How to Make it Easier to Beat

We do not want it to be unjustable or unfair, it is in our mission. They emphStudiosize that players must win or die, prevail or perish for their own actions. That is, the intention is that Back 4 Blood players are worth their skill, planning and teamwork to survive in this world of zombies. This is our goal, and partly achieving it depends on finding the right balance through constant adjustments in several of the card systems, spawning, IA and other facets that affect the gameplay.

Back 4 Blood is available at PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC since lStudiost October. Turtle Rock hStudios also presented the future map, which includes free and payment content. One of the most interesting is tunnels of terror, a first expansion (three) that will see the light in 2022.