After Cup Bavaria Trinchieri is responsible

Trainer Andrea Trencher has taken the disappointing cup of FC Bayern basketball.

Sometimes you have to tell the truth. And the truth is that I feel very responsible for this defeat, said the 53-year-old after the 80:85 of the defending champion at the Miners Chemnitz. In addition to Master Alba Berlin, the Munich were considered the title. Now Chemnitz and Alba play in the semi-finals against each other, the other leaflet game is denied the Lions Braunschweig and the Hard Merlins Trailhead.

The Italian Trencher, who was prefixed prematurely of the field, called two reasons why he has neglected that: I left my team left, my nerves have brought over my emotions. I should not give the referee the chance to give me two technical give. This is my mistake, a big mistake. And secondly, I have not prepared my team on such a big fight. These two things go to me.

Andrea Trinchieri Bayern Munich Basketball Plays That Work

The new trophy winner will be determined on 19 and 20 February. A venue for the top Four tournament is not fixed yet.