The first single physical game of Nintendo Switch is already on sale

As hard as it is to believe for younger readers, there was a time when the only way to play a game was buying a physical copy and placing it on the console. You can still do that, of course, but even most physical games end up receiving digital updates. However, that will not be the case of machine of the sky of the Super Rare Games editor. The Nintendo Switch title will not be sold in the Shop and will come complete on the game card. The editor promises that the game will not receive content updates in the future either, as in the old days!

Mac del Cairo represents the first of the Super Rare SHORTS series. These independent physical games are fully funded by Super Rare Games, and will never be offered at digital stores for consoles. However, developers conserve the IP and depends on them if they want to launch sequels, spin-offs or similar games through digital media. The digital versions will be launched after about six months in Itch.Io, to make sure they remain preserved digitally. Super Rare Games states that these games have been tested exhaustively for six months to make sure there are no errors, but there could be patches in case a major problem arises. The idea of ​​these shorts is that they can gain visibility of small developers for future games.

As for the game itself, Mac de Cielo is a route where players are on Jack s role. Jack wakes up in a cosmic train on his way to the sky, and to save the life of a loved one, the hero should take the weapons! The train is randomly generated and players will find more than 50 elements and hundreds of opponents. The game comes with a manual and a sticker.

Open anticipated orders for the game are live now and last until December 22. Super Rare Games states that the first batch is now available, so switch fans will not have to wait long to get a copy after making a purchase.

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