Genshin Impact Update 2 3 All changes and novelties of the next GREAT PATCHE

Genshin Impact is an activity parlor game developed and also published by photo. It was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Android, and iOS in September 2020, PlayStation 5 in April 2021, and also is prepared for future launch on Nintendo Change. The game features an anime design open-world environment and an action-based fight system. The game is free-to-play and is generated income from with geisha game technicians. While developed after Honkies Impact 3rd (2016) with a similar identifying system, Genshin Impact is not a follow-up.
Genshin Impact happens in the fantasy globe of East, which is house to seven distinctive nations, each of which is tied to a different aspect and also ruled by a various god. The story complies with the Vacationer, that has traveled throughout many globes with their twin brother or sister prior to ending up being divided in East. The Traveler takes a trip searching for their lost brother or sister with their companion Prison, all the while coming to be entailed in the affairs of East s countries.
Growth took the lion s share of 4 years from very early 2017 to 2020. To supplement the game, photo released a buddy manga, with more prepare for tie-in media. The video game received typically favorable evaluations, with movie critics praising the combat and open-world, while others slammed its superficial endgame as well as monetization design. An industrial success, the game made over $2 billion in its first year of release.

Genshin Impact will receive its update 2.3 next November 24 and, as it is tradition in Photo, an official presentation has already been carried out in which all the novelties that will reach the game with the change of cycle. A new delivery that still does not reveal the new region, but it includes more than enough incentives to enjoy the title over the next few weeks.

GENSHIN IMPACT 2.3: New characters, events and more

As in each new patch that reaches Genshin Impact, we have as a strong plate the premiere of two new characters. In this case, old acquaintances of the game on which we have already been having details will be incorporated into the title to increase the Heroes campus available. The chosen ones have been FOR and Arawak INTO, without any surprises have been included or have news until the moment of the arrival of Yale Mike.

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We will also have the usual changes available in the form of new gachapones and playable events that have already been revealed. Some are recurrent, such as the classic wonders bazaar, which will return throughout the next version. In short, everything we expect from a patch that as far as localizations will take advantage of its Nevada area to return us to Espinadragón on the occasion of Christmas and will even ask us to do our own snowman.

The great changes that many members of the community expected were, perhaps, too optimistic. However, we are facing a competent version that will also include history missions and that will help us approach different characters with traditional getaways.


Later you can find all the detailed changes, but first we go with a summary of all the news of this version

New characters

Guru and Arawak Into

New weapons and artifacts


Sandra of snow and dust
Banyan Sang s case: The warrior dog
Energy amplifier (recurring)
Bazaar of wonders (recurring)
Misty Dungeon: Realm of Light.


Mission of the story: Taurus Miraculous
Getaways: Bayou and Into


Albedo and Eula
Guru and Arawak Into

Chief of World

Golden Wolf lord.

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