GENHIN IMPACT Back to the Mountains Diddragon for update 2 3

History to achieve a sticky update with the season, the 2.3 Gershwin Impact puts forward the icy region of the Did dragon Mountains. This will be on November 24th on all the platforms concerned.

Characters like Albedo and Eula will return to the first part of the history of this update as well as in the events, but as usual it s the new characters that will monopolize attention. Once is not customary, it is a male duo that comes to us. Arawak Into (5 ★) and Good (4 ★) both belong to the geography element, but one handle a two-handed sword while the other uses an arc.

The main event of the update is titled Shadows in the heart of the Blizzard and will put the adventurers to the challenge in the extreme temperatures of the Did dragon mountains. It will be necessary to go through a series of speeding, tracking and combat training to get rewards like the new Cimabue Zone sword 4 ★.

On the side of Trauma, another event will solicit our help in a matter of mass disappearance of small animals. Players will have to investigate a mysterious warrior dog, save the missing animals and will be able to get a brand-new gadget that will allow them to reproduce certain creatures to place them in their Sandiacre, habitat in which we can now invite Prison, if you need a snack.

For large fighting enthusiasts, a new boss will appear on Tsunami: The Alpha Golden Wolf. The PlayStation Blog offers you as usual more details on this November update, which will be a priori the last of this year 2021.


GENSHIN IMPACT — Trailer of version 2.3 Shadows in the heart of the blizzard