Bushimo New Japan Wrestling STRONG SPIRITS new video Tachi attack New day SS Development Preducer Baki Baku Special is released

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Build Co., Ltd. is a new video Ta chi attack new day SS new Japan-SS Development of New Japan SS Development, Baki-Baking Special in Bushido Co., Ltd. We informed that we held new day SS pre-registration start commemorative double follow & R campaign third from published and new day SS official Twitter.

Busload Co., Ltd. (Head office: Nakano-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kenji Hashimoto) Co., Ltd. is a smartphone game application jointly developed with Doric om Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo: Yuri NATO). New-day SS s new video Ta chi attacked by new day SS (hereinafter referred to as New SS), published and new day SS official Twitter (@NJPWSS) from New SS Official Twitter (@NJPWSS) We will inform you about holding the new day SS pre-registration start commemoration Double Following & R Campaign 3rd. Thank you very much for handling it on your medium.

Neighbor SS new video Ta chi attack! New day SS development is in charge Producer Baku strike special disclosure!

New Japan SS s new video Ta chi attacked by New Japan SS Development Corporation Special in the official YouTube channel of New Japan Pro steeling Co., Ltd.


Scorching autumn-G1 CLIMAX 31- after finished Holy Emperor Ta chi has appeared while being full-featured…
In the Baku Room that is in Navajo Aka

Called new day SS development P, and a misuse affordable mistake is not allowed to fight against Ali,,,
Furthermore, what is the future of the new day SS, played by the release cancellation statement that jumped out! ?

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New day SS pre-registration start commemoration Double Follow & RT Campaign 3rd is held!

New day SS new video Ta chi attack! New day SS development company Producer Baku strike special disclosure and new day SS pre-registration start commemoration will be presented to 15 people by lottery with new day SS logo Conducted a double follow & RT campaign.

campaign application period

November 10, 2021 (Wed) 15: 00-2021 November 17 (Wed) 23:59

Application method

STEP 1: New Japan Wrestling STRONG SPIRITS (New Sun SS) Official Twitter Official Account (@NJPWSS) and New Japan Wrestling Co., Ltd. Twitter Official Account (@ NJPW1972) followed
STEP2: New day TWITTER Campaign Tweeted from the official account RT
※ We can not apply for RT in private account

Present contents

Thailand s new day SS logo Sign colored paper (present for a total of 15 people by lottery)

Winning announcement

November 30, 2021 (Tuesday) 23:59 Since each winner, we will continue to receive a winning notification and prize receipt from the new day SS Twitter Official Account.
※ Please note that the winner will only contact the winner.


· Transfer and resale to a third party of this campaign of this campaign will prohibit. If we confirm the transfer or resale, we may refuse the use of our service and applying for the campaign to be conducted by the Company.
· Even if it is won even if it is due to the deadline, the winner input-only form is not necessary if there is no input of the required matter or if there is a false statement, the winning may be disabled.
· Applicants shall ensure that the third party is not violated.
· This campaign does not involve Twitter, such as support, approval and operation.
· Please note that this campaign may be canceled or presented due to unavoidable circumstances.
· Please contact the Twitter operation source directly on the operation status of Twitter and how to use and technical questions.
· Communication charges necessary for application for this campaign will be borne by the customer regardless of the reason.
· We will not end, change and stop this campaign, and even loss and damage caused by them.
· We are not responsible for the contents of applicant for retweets about this campaign and related problems with it.
· If there is a maintenance or failure of the service provided by Twitter, if you can not log in to Twitter, if you can not post a situation, and if you can not apply for this campaign, the Company is responsible increase.

Note that the winning will be invalid if it corresponds to the following items.
· A violation of third party rights such as copyright, what is an agreement of honor, credit and privacy, and those who are nuisance, and other legal violations, and that.
· Our company may be subject to representations that slander, discriminatory expressions, discriminating expressions, discriminates, and other public order falsification, etc. What I judged.
· For advertising, advertising, solicitation, or business operations.
· Includes address, name, telephone number and other personal information.
· Including the meaning of posting and advertising actions of specific sites and addresses,
· Including actions that interfere with the operation of this campaign and damage the trust.
· A thing that may violate the right of a specific character or talent.
· Intoner, company, group, etc., infringe privacy.
· We will judge our company if it violates the application regulations.
· In addition to the above, it is determined that we do not apply for reasons such as not to the purpose of recruitment of this campaign.

New Japan Wrestling STRONG SPIRITS

New Japan professional wrestling gaining support for many history and various enthusiastic fans.
The ultimate professional training game, which sends all New Japan wrestling fans in Buspirone Co., Ltd. and Dr. From Co., Ltd.

New Japan wrestling

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The oldest wrestling group that exists in Japan, who has been fried in 1972.
More than 2012 belongs to Bushido Group.
We are looking for exciting by content power by brand power and attractive players based on 49 years of history.

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