LOL Among Us would be the next Riot collaboration with Arcane

For the release of Arcane, Riot Games has put the batteries with different additions and collaborations such as the Orb Hex tech on the stage of the Worlds 2021, the change of the turrets and the nexus in the loyalty crack inspired by The city of Plover, or the dozens of animated and non-animated advertising fences that swarm around the world, the Californian study has deployed a nuclear attack to promote the new animated series of League of Legends. But this does not stay there, since the study has decided to take the thing even further, extending its promotional ramifications to other video games and their universes. Arcane was not limited to reality or the crack, since we recently saw emerge several collaborations we thought they were impossible.

A suspicious collaboration

With Arcane, Riot Games seems to have given a new step in its transformation with collaborations of the competition as Fortnite or PUBG Mobile. The study no longer seems to be afraid of his competitors in the world of competitive multiplayer video games, now he consciously embodies his leadership role and that is why he would not be surprised at his arrival at AMONG US.

For now, we do not know exactly what this collaboration will be made, since the screenshot that we have previously shown was taken directly from the trailer of the day of progress with the Riot X Arcane seal, being the only official source. Everything indicates that will soon be available in AMONG US new skins, or elements for the character inspired by Arcane. However, it is difficult to believe, or at least we hope that this the association will not end there since the thing runs the risk of being very flat and boring if it is limited only to appearances.

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If the game of Inner sloth conquered the hearts of millions of people during quarantine, it is clear that the addition of new maps was not really enough to retain the plethora of players acquired during this period. That is why we ask ourselves if the arrival of Arcane to Among US would not argue the introduction of a class system, or at least one role, or even a dedicated game mode that would change the rules of the game. Otherwise, this collaboration runs the risk of ignoring with the largest of the silences.