Eddie Howe becomes first Newcastle coach of Saudi

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That the richest club in the world will not play in the second English league soon — even though it is the richest second league in the world — Eddie Howe now wants to prevent. The 43-year-old has taken over the coaching office at the shrubby Bald Giant Newcastle United, previously UAI Emery had rejected the job.

Eddie Howe career as he's announced as Newcastle new manager

The Magpies had separated from Steve Bruce after the Saudi takeover, temporarily, Game Jones had taken over the scepter, but can not really do something. Newcastle is still a winning and penultimate of the Premier League after ten match days, with the prime light and climber Norwich.

Howe s Task will be to keep the falling ship at least somehow over water, so that in January and the following summer can be fully invested. His contract runs until summer 2024.

For the native Southern England Howe it is the first coaching job since July 2020. At that time he had agreed with the AFC Bournemouth after almost twelve years together — with a short interruption as Burley coach from January 2011 to October 2012 — on the end of the cooperation.

After considerable years in the House, Howe and Bournemouth were resurrected in the 2019/20 season. Again and again, the former domestic defender had previously been associated with lucrative jobs as Arsenal or Tottenham- or even as an England coach, he had always kept the Bournemouth loyalty.