Circle Kia 2021 LOL World Championship

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\ — 2 to 2, 4, 5 sets, 2 to 3 reverse places

\ — 2 consecutive rolled cups won,

\ — EDGE, Scout — Viper etc.

In 2020, in 2021, the Republic of Korea who challenged the Wetland of the League of Legend> World Championship Winning, did not exceed the last goal, and stayed in Jun-woo.

Circle Kia (Korean time) located in Iceland Reykjavík, located in Iceland Reykjavík, located in Lao Gar Mans, 2021 (League of Legend> World Championship Finals in China (LPL) in China (LPL) 1 Seed Edward Gaming (EDGE) It had to be satisfied with the ruler.

DK vs. EDG | Worlds Finals | DWG KIA vs. Edward Gaming | Game 1 (2021)
Mongered Kia was a decontaminated, but it was notified, but he started concentration since 2 sets. I did not write well, the Mid-Liner Show Maker, and I won the Diana Jungle Jangler Canyon Kim Subpart, who was a long time, and won the fantastic skill linkage. In three sets, the causal servant of the scarecrow was robbed by the Ultimate Circle of EDGE, and the opponent s camp was strong, and Kim Kentwood was successful and succeeded in reversal while Kim UNESCO kicked Race.

However, catering GIA was not exceeded the concentration of EDGE. In 4 sets, the reputation of EDGE s breathless operations, Miami, who had been in 5 sets, and the dragon was held in EDGE and passed to the 2nd, allowed to be until the Antifa.

EDGE, 5 as the premise of the premise

EDGE left the unusual record that all three to two plays on the world championship knockout stage. EDGE, who has been four sets after 2 to 1, with a set of 4 sets against the Royal Never Group, China team, China team, and EDGE on the 4th round, followed by the 4th round, but 4 and 5 sets As we win, he gave his finish ticket.

In the finals, EDGE, which was dark with 1 to 2, and the EDGE, which was dark with 2, won the four and five sets of winning. In the General World Championship, all the precludes, the full set of full sets, so that there was no team on the top, so EDGE s records will not be broken for the time being.

EDGE has also established a new record that the LPL team was the first to meet the LACK team in the World Championship Finals. In 2013, Royal Never Gib-business is SK Telecom T1 K, 2014, the Royal Club in 2014, the Samsung Galaxy White, the LPL, which was a 2020, 2020, He won the championship.

Korean mercenary Scout — Viper first championship

The EDGE, which was founded in 2014, was able to win the World Championship in the World Championship in eight years, and Korean mercenaries are active.

Mid-Liner Scout Lee Yeon-chan left SK Telecom T1 and moved to the Chinese stage, and the team supported the team as it was working on the Chinese stage for six years. This year, which was exceeded in the World Championships for three consecutive years from 2016 to 2018, but it did not exceed the 8th round, but the world s championship exploded the potential to the world s leading mid-liner. Lee Yeon-chan won the World Championship MVP, which is awarded by Opp.

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The remote dealer, which joined EDGE in 2021, has a dream of the World Championship, which was not made by Griffin and Hanna Life E Sports. Park, Tae-hyun, was held in the World Championship in the World Championship, but he was eliminated in the World Championship, but in 2020, he played as Griffin, Hanna Life E Sports, but he did not do this.

All the world championship all year round LACK

All 4 teams, including the Representative of the Republic of LACK, and the 4th team, such as Hanna Life E Sports, has succeeded in entering the 8th round, and three teams, except for Hanna Life E-Sports, which were eliminated by the LACK civil war, came to the semi-finals. The performance of the LACK teams shown in the process of entering the upper tournament was overwhelming.

Although LACK did not take up the seventh World Championship winning, the overall level of LACK was higher in the country where the world experts and players were recognized, and many fans were dominant that the golden age of LACK had been relaxed.

In front of the eyes,

The world championships were missed in the last step, Following the winning in 2020, the World Championship won the World Championship, he was able to win the second two consecutive championships, but he could not achieve the record with this defeat.

In the case of Kim Jong-un, the director of Kim Jong-un, the commander of Kia,