Overwatch fans think that Blizzard should add a stay at the game

Overwatch 2 has been officially delayed, and franchise fans want more content to be added to the original game. The last delay left a gaping hole, which, according to the fans, will become even wider since it will be almost two years old that Overwatch had a new hero.

Overwatch fans turned to social networks to discuss and discuss the addition of sojourn to the Overwatch universe. The last time a new hero, Echo, was introduced in the game, it was last April. Apart from this, it s been a while since there was no new card for the basic modes of the game.

I think they should go out Sojourn because his capabilities has already been shown, and she is clearly playable, said a fan of Overwatch. This would be a good control of the damage for the Hype O2 train that derailed.

Those who follow the franchise firmly think that Sojourn, the first black female hero of the series, will breathe life and bring a new tradition to a game that may have become sterile. According to those who claim the addition of Sojourn to Overwatch, the character has an exciting kit that was presented at the recent BlizzConline 2021. Sojourn would play a vital role in the Overwatch 2 background.

Blizzard has already announced previously that they no longer bring new heroes for Overwatch s original title, and that any work done for the game will be primarily bug fixes and balancing. In addition, the weapons and capabilities of Sojourn have already been designed for the sandbox that surrounds the next Overwatch 2. That said, it is expected to refine SOJOURN movement capabilities to effectively retrograde its character model To work well with Overwatch will not be a simple task.

Obviously, the Overwatch community is looking for anything that could work intrinsically the original Overwatch game. The introduction of a new character will certainly succeed, but, with all the internal controversies in progress within Blizzard, it is probably not on their list of priorities.

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